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You have been using the wrong pen till now

You have been using the wrong pen till now

Pen is one such thing which has never got any importance from you. We have chewed, poked, made them fight like warriors and once borrowed, they are never given back. They might disappear from your pocket and put you in Sherlock holmes coat. Pens are the most stolen stationery items ranging from different colors and styles that might confuse you to choose one. Well this detailed explanation will help you to select the right partner for your hands. Fountain Pen (introduced in 1880)

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Pleasure of expressing liquid ink

Adaptable nib complements individual expression

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Requires a little skill and care

When to use it

  • You want to make a statement as the pen has an exclusive look
  • Want a status symbol or a pen that serves as a piece of art
  • Want the permanence of ink that flows into the paper
  • Want to write easily and smoothly with little efforts
  • Have the convenience of cartridges to replace the ink colors

Ballpoint Pen (introduced in 1940)


No maintenance

Long ink life


Paste ink is sticky

Fixed ball limits expressive writing

When to use it

  • A sturdy pen tip that is meant for harsh uses
  • The need to press hard on paper, such as through carbon forms
  • Need to loan your pen to others


Fiber Tip (introduced in 1960)


Easy and smooth flow of ink because of the fiber tip

Interchangeable with most roller ball refills

Ink dries quickly, which is very helpful for left-handed writers


A rich flow, but not as expressive as a fountain pen

When to use it

  •         People with small handwriting usually don’t choose fiber pens
  •         Scheduling is mundane, but jazzing up your planner with fiber tip will boost the enjoyment factor


Roller Ball Pen (introduced in 1980)


Pleasure of liquid ink

Ease of use


Cartridges run out sooner than ballpoint refills

Fixed ball limits expression

When to use it

  • Want a more permanent ink / mark, since the ink flows more into the fibers of the paper
  • Want a smooth writing experience, since ink is thinner and flows easily
  • Quicker writing speed with less efforts.


Gel Ink (introduced in 1995)


Richer ink color

More colors, because the ink holds pigment well

Smoother than roller ball ink because it’s more viscous


Dries out quickly

A short life span, if used every day (3 to 5 weeks)

When to use it

  •      Ability to put bold colors on various range of materials.
  •     People prefer to use a gel pen for their everyday business or writing tasks.
  •     It can write on smooth materials better than other pens.

Now do not select a wrong pen and here are some pen hacks you need to know 

So now go ahead and pick the right pen for your right hand and right pen for your left hand..



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