What is wrong with Indian Education System?

India, the land of highly qualified Engineers, Doctors, birth place of Zero, Vedic Math’s has unsolved a lot of mysteries about science and technology. We have now successfully opened up an industry where the production of non-rational mind is in progress. These minds of the next generation under Indian education system are completely professional-oriented and they take examinations because it is now a  requirement to pass rather than to gain knowledge, or do research in the subject. The curriculum is built around clearing an exam and getting into particular profession, but learning is not the actual priority.

So let’s identify the flaws in Indian Education System and stop cribbing about it.

Topper’s hype in the society

If your child is not a topper then you have every reason to feel bad because your neighbor’s ward topped again. Children have enormous mental capacity, but it would be unfair to judge the ability of a fish to climb a tree. Students should also be driven by creative pursuits as this curiosity will help them not only to grow but also to be more rational and successful in life.

Lack of Choices

Except elite schools in India, the subjects taught in high school usually range from Languages, Math, Core Sciences, Economics, Accounting, and Commerce. In other words we are not given much freedom to explore. Commonly the students who choose Commerce are either those who did not qualify for Science or were from business backgrounds. Humanities section is full of students who did not qualify for the other two.

The Rewarding System

The biggest flaw in our education system is that it focuses on memorizing over learning. The Indian education system is designed so that any student can pull it off by studying just one night before the exam. Rather than assessing students through total marks scored in an examination, student must be evaluated through life skill set.

Over-Commercialization of Indian Education System

Any nation that educates its young generation for the sole purpose of making them eligible to contribute to national and social progress can be sure that simultaneously they can take care of themselves too. The real profit comes only when the students learn and start contributing, not when they start earning. The real return on investment will be the taxes paid by the educated, when he or she earns profit in the business and occupation. Therefore, the knowledge of information will be used to help the society.

However, success doesn’t just happen, it is planned for. Be a contributor towards your nation.

Stand Out and Mark a Difference!

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