What makes JEE toughest exam in India

It has now become a stereotype that JEE is among one of the toughest examinations in India. There is no denial to the fact that JEE is the dream destination to more than half of the students who aspire to be an engineer. Educolada is going to reveal the numerous factors which makes JEE toughest exams in India.

Over 12 lakh students appear for JEE every year to compete for merely 9885 seats. Reservation for different categories eats most of the seats and leaves a handful for students to compete. With this increased competition comes increased pressure for students to perform and secure a thumbs up. The possibility of less than 1% of students to get a green signal becomes one of the reason for JEE to be counted amongst toughest exams.

As a matter of fact, whenever a student looks like a contender for a rank in the merit list, the expectations of those around him grows. Students need to cope and withstand the pressure instead of becoming overconfident and losing their existing potential.

Students are taught to write long descriptive answers in Board exams where most of the questions are expected from past year question papers. They can easily mug up and secure more than 90% in boards. While the same strategy doesn’t prove to be useful in JEE as it tests your analytical skills and creativity too. Often students get baffled in the process of switching their minds from one exam pattern to another, consequently most of them fail to clear it.

Students are time bounded as they are expected to solve 120 questions in just 6 hours where each problem in itself is a challenge. This calls them for strengthening the concentration skills and thereby avoiding silly mistakes during those crucial minutes in the exam hall.

Besides, they constantly have to deal with the changes in exam pattern. Increasing number of students appearing for JEE prompt paper setters to regularly change the pattern of examination so as to encourage “pattern proof study”. Students are expected to adapt themselves to new conditions for 6 long hours rather than going by their default conditions during their preparation period.

Many students are unable to perform on “the day” due to extreme pressure. This happens sometimes when a student starts thinking negatively before or during the exam. Remember this kind of thinking can only harm your exam performance.

Educolada suggests students to give their exam with a clear approach and uncluttered mind to keep your temperament stable.

Feel sure of whatever happens will be for your best. Do not affect your mind by predicting level of exam difficulty rather prepare your mind to face it. Believe you can sail through toughest of toughest. 

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