Bold and loud ways to introduce yourself to MBA Colleges

To Introduce yourself is much more than “Who you are”. It is like the way you connect to someone new by exchanging words. This can be tricky at times because what you say depends entirely on the context. Keep reading to find out how to prepare and deliver a successful introduction in an interview.

“ Introducing is important because that is how you can stand out and mark a difference.”

  1. Body Language:

    It is always important to have a smiling face in the interview rather than a nauseous or a scared one. Be genuinely happy to share a positive experience. Your body language should communicate that you are confident and at ease.

    Introduce Yourself

  2. Review your application:

    Reread your application or resume to remind yourself what you have already foreground on the paper. Highlight the specialisations that you would like to showcase in your introduction.

    Introduce Yourself


  3. Go Calculatively:

    The key is to be honest and be yourself, but there is nothing wrong with highlighting the parts of your expert experience that interviewers will be most intrigued by.

    Introduce Yourself

  4. Ask yourself some questions:

    To enlarge your introduction and figure out the essentials what you should include, entreat yourself with few questions – Like, Who are you? and What do you hope to accomplish in your career? etc..

    Introduce Yourself


  5. Pen it down:

    Write answers to all those questions and craft your introduction using it.

    -You might start with something like, “I recently graduated from ____ with a degree in ____” If you are a seasoned professional, you might try “I have been working as a ____ for ___ years.” You could also provide a little personal information in your introduction, such as “I am an avid ____  reader and a book lover.”

    -After your opening, talk about your skills. Start with , “I excel at ____ and ____.” And then, offer an example of a project you worked on that demonstrates your skills in the particular area.

    -Finally, mention your career goals and offer a transition into the conversation about how you might work on those goals within the Institute. Mention “My goal is to ____ and I am excited to discuss how your Institute might offer me opportunities to ____.”

Introduce Yourself


  1. Grab the Attention:

    Even if it demands you to be creative, be one and think of a better way to start your introduction that will make your interviewer remember you. Pick something to begin with, that depicts your identity. For example, if you love to read, start with identifying a famous literary character and then explain why by listing your skills. In whatever fields you excel , use those to provide more details about yourself and your skill set.

    Introduce Yourself

Keep in mind, whatever you say will be open for further testing, so ensure it’s straightforward and sincere. The board may get only one of these focuses and grill you on it for 20 minutes.

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