The Value of an MBA internship

MBA is not only about theories or the ideas which should be implemented. The skills you learn in classroom find no application in the real world of business. But that is the nature of the beast, as business schools are expected to be devoted to studies. There arises a need of an interconnection among the commercial world, the business world and the related fields. This is the reason why an MBA student is encouraged to seek out for internships.

An internship introduces you to the real world of business. It provides an opportunity to perceive the processes of corporate world. The theories learnt during MBA are implemented during the internship. They say, internships are the connection between business theories and their work in applications. Internships establish the importance of MBA theories and an opportunity.

MBA internships are the opportunities that help foster stronger international commerce and better working relationships. To grab the opportunities in an effective manner you should consider-

  • Not letting money be the primary criteria while selecting the internship.
  • Being a self starter to go far.
  • Selecting the one which allows to build essential skills.

Displaying relevant work experience should be your primary goal. Those with internships on their resume tend to land jobs faster and receive higher salaries after graduation.

Educolada brings to you  8 valuable skills that you would learn during a MBA internship:

  1. Manage Time: As an intern when you will be working on fast paced business projects, you would know that every minute counts. This skill is important whether you are attending phone calls, meetings or finishing projects on deadlines. 
  2. Teamwork: Two heads are always better than one. One person’s knowledge and abilities are always limited. When a team applies different skills, they are often able to come up with more effective solution than a single person working on the same problem. 
  3. Career Foundation: It is important that you choose an internship based on your interest and career prospects. This is because an internship provides building blocks for your career. As an intern, you even have the opportunity to put your foot in the door of the company. 
  4. Professional Communication: Ability to communicate professionally is one of the most valuable skills that you would attain during an internship. An internship is the perfect place to observe how people in a professional domain interact. 
  5. Confidence: A better internship gives you the confidence to believe in yourself and your academic achievements. Believing in oneself is vital for your success and internships help you gain the experience that makes you competent and confident. 
  6. Networking: As an intern, you should know how important networking is for you. You can connect with people in the same domain where you intend to pursue your future. Networking can help you solidify your desire to work in a certain field. 
  7. Responsibility: As an intern, you would be assigned duties for various areas of business than limited to just one. This will solidify your own skill set and correspondingly, empowers your decision making skills. So, never take a step back from your roles and responsibilities. 
  8. Leadership: With the above mentioned experiences, one would get a kind of enlightenment especially in terms of defending ideas and taking ownership for own decisions and their outcomes.

These traits are invaluable when it comes to career and an internship can lead you to easily master them all. It expands your portfolio of work experience and make you a potential employee.

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