Better be careful about these UPSC 2017 Instructions

The UPSC will be conducting Civil Services Exam 2017 on 18th June. The candidates who are going to appear for the exam should go through a certain set of important instructions that they need to follow in the exam centre. You may come across many regular UPSC notifications but we are sure, nobody is going to tell you about certain things that you should be careful while attempting UPSC 2017. Educolada brings you a crisp set of instructions that you must know:

  1. Candidates should only use BLACK BALL POINT PEN for marking in the OMR sheet.
  2. Candidates will have to write the exam with their own hand. If a candidate has illegible handwriting, marks can be deducted from the total on account of this.
  3. Marks will not be given for mere superficial knowledge.
  4. Candidates are advised to verify their e-admit cards. Any discrepancy must be brought to the attention of the board in writing.
  5. A scribe will be permitted only for Orthopedically or visually impaired candidates. They should also note that scribes will be issued separate admit cards, and will not be allowed entry to the exam hall unless they produce their separate e-admit cards.
  6. If the candidate’s photo on the admit card is not clear, one will have to bring another photo ID proof like Aadhar Card, Passport, Voter ID Card, Driving License, etc. for verification. They should also bring two passport size photographs one for each session of the prelims exam.
  7. Ensure that you write answers in an orderly, effective and exact manner with due consideration for economy of words in all the subjects. Credit will be given for this by the UPSC.
  8. SI units will be used in the question papers.
  9. Candidates should use the international form of Indian Numerals (1,2,3,4…) in their answers.
  10. Candidates are required to be at the exam hall 20 minutes before the exam starts. The ones reaching 10 minutes later than commencing of the exam will not be allowed to take the exam.
  11. Answer sheets of the candidates who appear at a different exam centre from the one allotted will not be evaluated.
  12. Candidates are barred from carrying mobile phones, calculators, bluetooth and any electronic gadgets inside the premises of the exam centre. Candidates are also recommended not to bring expensive items to the centre.

Candidates who do not adhere to the above mentioned rules will be liable to disciplinary action, and can also be prohibited from taking future examinations as well. We would suggest you not to be alarmed but stay cautious.
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