Tricks and Tips for CAT 2017

CAT 2017:

CAT (Common Admission Test) is a national level examination conducted by the IIMs (Indian Institute of Management) based on the policy of rotation. Last year, IIM Bangalore has been assigned for the first time to convene CAT 2016, so you may expect a different CAT this year.

Try these simple tricks and tips before the CAT 2017 and feel more confident and geared up for the big day !!

Smart Study:

It’s always preferable to study smart and not hard. Rather than concentrating on all the topics, students should try to focus and select those topics with which they are more comfortable. Even on the exam day, students shouldn’t try to solve each and every question and waste their energy, instead spend at least 5 minutes for scanning each section and selecting questions from their area of expertise and skill.


CAT aspirants should always start early in preparing for the exams as an early start would benefit them in gaining knowledge about the kind of questions to be asked. Another advantage to it can be spending time in developing extra reading habits and increasing vocabulary. Newspaper is always a good source to acquire the recent happenings around the world. Preparation of minimum 10,000 words to enhance Vocabulary, study of newspapers like The Economics Time and editorials for 2 hours everyday and reading at least two magazines and one novel each week is beneficial.

Time Management:

Time management is an essential ingredient to crack the CAT exam and make it to your dream college. Managing one’s time includes balancing speed with accuracy, handling the pressure, the uncertainty and the apt decision making.

Strong Fundamentals

One must keep in mind that management schools seek to test understanding of basic concepts that the student possesses while preparing to appear for CAT. So, the students should stop looking for the toughest material to practice and realize that their understanding of concepts is not as good as they think it is.

Fast Calculation

One thing that is must to get yourself ready for CAT is to practice on calculations thoroughly on an everyday basis. There are never long equations in CAT, the main thing which works is the smart way of calculations which can be aced by practicing the tricks available in books and internet.

Last but not the least, students are advised to keep calm, relax, and believe in them on the day of the paper.

Good Luck!

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