Traits of an IAS Officer

Every year many students join the bandwagon of being an IAS aspirant. Being an IAS officer is surely one of the most desirable and sought after career paths in governments sector. In addition to the monetary compensation and associated perks, being an IAS officer gives a candidate a chance to be part of the governmental machinery and work for betterment of people of India.  Aspirants preparing to become IAS officers must possess certain qualities that are above the normal qualification criteria put down by the UPSC. Some of the key qualities that an IAS officer must have are given below:



1: Knowledge

You must know your job well to take the best decisions. Even though IAS officers are assisted by a large number of subordinate officers, he is responsible for all the decisions. If you don’t know your job well, you may end up being a puppet in the hands of lower level officer. You must know your job better than your subordinates to take the right decisions and earn their respect.

2: Courage

Whenever you take any decision, there is always a resistance from someone who is likely to be affected adversely by your decision. Hence, unless you are willing to face the opponents, you may be paralyzed by indecision. Develop courage of conviction and go ahead of the decisions which you think are right.

3: Inspiration

Be the change you wish to see in your department. You must try to be a role model for your officers and the citizen. You must be graceful and honest in all your dealings to be admired by them. Let them respect you rather than your chair; and follow your orders by their heart rather than due to fear of punishment.

4: Man Management

No officer can perform all the work alone without the cooperation of his team. You need support not only from your subordinates, but also of your bosses including political bosses. You must be able to understand them and make them understand you. You must earn their trust. If you and they are on the same page, you can do anything for the people.

5: Integrity

There is no substitute of integrity in civil services. If you are corrupt or you can’t walk your talk, you would never be respected by your subordinates. They would despise you from their heart and they would do the same. The higher is the chair, the greater is the integrity expected from an officer.

6: Passion

If you don’t love your job, you can never create excellence. You must take pride of being an IAS officer and the role played by you in the growth and development of your country. When you love what you do, everything becomes easy and joyful.

7: Be Positive

You are going to achieve a few things and also fail at achieving many things in your profession. If you are bothered too much about your failures, you can never get the energy and motivation to work for the people. You must think positive and feel happy over what you could do rather than lamenting over what you could not do.


Civil services are not only about power, it is about responsibility. The more is your power, the greater is your responsibility. It is important for every aspirant to look at the bigger picture about IAS. Being an IAS is not merely about clearing UPSC!


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