Things To Keep In Mind For JEE 2017

A goal without plan is just a wish.

Not everyone is structured or determined towards securing a good rank in JEE 2017. Luckily, it’s never too late as these are just skills which can be learned with practice.
Let your advance worrying become advance thinking and planning. A goal setting plan creates a bridge between your dream and reality, without a plan of the what, when and how, studying alone will not get you a good rank in JEE 2017.

Educolada shares some of the tricks to help you attempt JEE 2017 in your best way.
  1. THOROUGH READING: Many students skip to read the marking scheme properly and end up not attempting the questions which do not carry any negative marks. So, give a thorough glance to the instruction set and the question paper for the first 10 minutes.

  2. CHOOSE THE CORRECT SUBJECT SEQUENCE:  When you receive the question paper, always start solving it from the subject you are the most comfortable with. Make sure you identify what order gives you the best advantage in solving the paper quickly.  Note that it is advisable to do physics at last as maths and chemistry can be completed fast and physics involves sums which are relatively more time-consuming.

  3. SKIM IT OFF: The ideal way is to first skim through all the questions in a section, identify the easy questions and solve them first. So typically, each section can be divided into 2-3 rounds of question-solving based on the difficulty levels. This will surely be a useful thing to do in terms of making the optimum use of time.

  4. SHELVE AND PROCEED: If stuck at a question, do not waste your valuable time trying to solve it. Also, panicking will NOT do you any good. Simply postpone it to later, after finishing other and possibly more do-able questions.

  5. IMPROVE YOUR CALCULATIONS: Practice a lot to reduce your calculation errors. Just like questions in physics and physical chemistry, one little mistake will simply cost you precious marks. While practicing, you might tend to neglect the calculation part of any answer, thinking it is trivial but calculating the final answer during practice is important to increase calculation efficiency.

  6. TRY TO AVOID MENTAL CALCULATIONS: Avoid resting your pen on the paper rather use it while calculating answers in the examination. There are a lot of chances to commit errors while calculating answers mentally.

  7. DO NOT MISS A QUESTION: It is obvious to not leave an unattempted question blank if it carries no negative marking. You never know, when your luck favors you.

  8. NEVER FORGET TO RE-CHECK YOUR ANSWERS: Invest extra few seconds while marking the final answer. Make sure you do not mistakenly mark an incorrect option or make a silly mistake as you’d not have a chance to correct it later on.

  9. NEVER LOSE CONFIDENCE: Having confidence that you can do it, is the unrivaled quality that every JEE aspirant need. Any student can crack IIT JEE. You need not to be extraordinary to get in the IITs.

  10. DO NOT OVERSTRESS: You may feel frustrated or stressed during such a long period of preparation but always keep your dream alive as the stress or frustration can stop you from achieving them.
You can do better than you know. If you can believe, you can achieve.

Good Luck.

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  • 15th June 2017 at 5:26 pm

    for engineering and getting in to the TOP ENGINEERING COMPANIES, Planing and preparation are must.
    time should be properly managed.


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