Things not to do after jee mains result

Things not to do after jee mains result

Result day is as important in your life, as a neighbour aunty, who would be most eager to know how well you scored and whether you got better marks than Sharma ji ka beta. This is the time when few will reap the fruit of their hard work while for others, the day can take an unexpected twist and push them to rethink their plans and make some quick decisions. You might find a lot of people telling you about things you should do after JEE Mains result but Educolada is here to enlighten the things not to do after JEE Mains result are announced.

What Went Wrong

Running imaginary horses and thinking about what went wrong that day is not a wise step. Throwing questions like “What if I had taken value of g 9.8 and not 10”, “attempting more questions could have helped” etc, won’t help. You have done your best and there is no need to hold any regrets now. The feeling of being motivated will help to churn out best in you and is more important than cribbing over the past.

Do Not Compare The Results

Not all 5 fingers are alike. The fact that Sharma ji ka beta will not be having the same skill set as yours, cannot be denied . Your result is the reflection of your knowledge and hard work so, don’t be a doldrum. Plan wisely the next step of selecting the college.

Stop Solving Unattempted Questions

The chances of getting unattempted JEE main questions in your JEE advance is as low as KRK doing a movie with SRK. So stop pondering over the question paper and answer key. Prepare now for your JEE Advance and make sure you leave no stones unturned.

Do Not Question Your Hard Work

Hard work is the key to success but not all of us are key makers. You might not be happy with the results despite of studying a lot for the exam but remember, every failure is a lesson learnt. From all the misconceptions about covalent and atomic bond to your integration formulas, your knowledge has grown by folds now.

Do not plan for an year drop

Before taking a crucial step like an YEAR DROP, a proper counselling is needed to be sure about your future plans. Hardwork doubles while social life is cut by half during this phase of your life. It can turn out to be victorious for some students while for others struggle continues through life.

Don’t Give Up On Your Dreams

For instance, you didn’t get the A-level results as expected but your eyes are still set on pursuing the same course.  we encourage you to get in contact with the university and lay out your case and ask them whether you might still be considered—there is no harm in asking.

The expert in anything was once a beginner. Now that you have these pointers, work hard and crack JEE.

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