After reading this, you cannot say – I have nothing to do this summer vacations!

How often you have made the itinerary for the summer vacations? Making the checklist to get the better version of yourself after 2 months. Despite of this, it is easy to say that “I have nothing to do” apart from attending the camp, visiting relatives or getting enrolled in special classes designed for children. By saying “better version of yourself” we mean to follow your interests, discover new passions and experiment. However, even the most self entertaining child runs out of ideas, so here Educolada provides you some amazing things to add on your checklist:

Play With Science:
Summer vacations
When we talk about science, it is present everywhere in our surroundings. When you roll cars down an incline or mix vinegar and baking soda or comparing rocks, these usual childhood activities are just science. Enjoy with it!

Make A Scrapbook:
Summer vacations
It is not necessary to be a kind of art and craft person. Take some time out to go through old pictures and make a scrapbook. It is an awesome feeling to go back to at any time when you want to remember something special in your life.

Another idea is to take a 60 days challenge and click a picture of something unique everyday and make your 60 days summer scrapbook!

Adopting Smart Learning:
Summer vacations
The world around us is going digital. The summer break is the best time to pace up with the changing scenario. Engage yourself in virtual classes and adapt digital learning as this will help you in the long run. By engaging yourself in digital learning, you can balance between leisure and learning.

Summer vacations
It is an art and every child, no matter how young you are, should try hands on cooking. Younger kids can help their moms with the ingredients or arranging the final result. Older kids can cook the entire meal and make their family members happy. Contributing to the family meal is the most rewarding and self satisfying experience for all ages.

Your Own Short Movie:
Summer vacations
This idea arose from the increasing popularity of Youtube.  How about getting a group of friends together, write a screenplay and script, and put together a 5 or 10-minutes movie? Nowadays, people create videos and hope it will go viral. Showcase your skills and if it goes viral.. It calls for a celebration!!

Christmas In July:
Summer vacations
Christmas is symbolized with joy, gifts and celebrations. So, why does it has to be once in a year? You have got summer break to enjoy so, celebrate with your family and friends. You are defined by the way you socialize. Knowing more people means listening to more stories and exploring more psychologies. It is like seeing the world from multiple pairs of eyes that might not seem important to you, but knowing how people think helps much beyond the expected spectrum.

Even the slightest utterance of word “summer” calls forth images of a beautiful bright banner of joy. So, grab the opportunity and make the best use of your summer break.


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