Success for your IAS interview depends on these attributes

If you thought completing the IAS Main exam would mark the end of the tough journey towards a successful career as a civil services officer, you couldn’t have been more wrong. In fact, the time after completion of IAS Main exam is the most critical step of the IAS exam as it is not mere a test of knowledge but a holistic test of aspirant’s true personality. Every action you take, your body language traits and spontaneous answers to the questions posed on you during your IAS interview are designed to help the interview board to have a glance at your personality.The interview round is the final procedure of UPSC to shortlist the right candidate. This round carries 300 marks and your final selection completely depends upon your performance during the interview. Here, Educolada enlighten few things that you need to keep in mind while preparing for your IAS interview :


In order to crack the IAS personality test, you have to develop an appealing and pleasing personality that has traits required to perform duties of an IAS officer. Some qualities that are listed in the personality test are: Clarity of expression, Reasoning ability, Appreciation of different point of views, Awareness and concern for socio-economic problems.

Being mentally alert: One of the funny and popular question asked to an aspirant during an IAS interview was regarding the number of stairs he has climbed. Panel often ask such questions to check the mental alertness of the candidate. However, no one can be completely sure of what is happening around, making being mentally alert a habit of the daily routine will surely help you in long way.

Listening skills:

Many aspirants, either in the excitement or the nervousness of the moment end up answering the questions without actually listening or understanding what is being asked. In most of the cases, the question being posed by the interview panel would have hints or clues in which you should frame your answer.

Clear answers:

The interview panel is not only trying to  assess the depth of your knowledge but how well you are able to answer it, even with limited knowledge. The best way is to give logical and targeted problem-solving answers that do not require depth of the subject but a generalist understanding of the problem.

Current affairs:

UPSC mainly focus on current affairs, general knowledge and contemporary socio-political scenarios at all stages of civil services examination and interview as well. For example, panel members may look at the city from where a candidate belongs to and may ask questions depending upon the major events of that city. A candidate has to be thorough with the history of their city as well as important developments that took place there.

Personal experiences:

“We are a collective whole of millions of small experiences we have.” While talking about IAS personality test, your personal experiences can help a lot. Giving personal colour to the questions being asked by the interview panel presents you as someone who actually relates to the problems that our country is facing. In addition, it gives an impression that you are dedicated to solve the problem.

So aspirants, keep yourself calm as the interview panel is not there to torture you, they are there to know your true self. There will be a person in the panel with psychology background and he will be noticing your way of answering the questions. So, don’t lie and be yourself and feel like you are expressing your opinions in front of your own seniors.

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