“ There is a lot more to life than books, they are the exams. ”
Students have a narrow perspective towards exams because of the sole reason that they do not get enough time beyond their daily schedule. Academics take up all their time even when they are out of school. Lectures continue one after the other with hardly any break. Their brains switch from history to geography to mathematics to science unceasingly. Inspite of that, they manage most of the time smoothly, but sometimes it gets tiring.

Students are not allowed to learn at their own pace instead they are force fed a diet of information regardless they can cope with it or not.

After all the struggle, there is always another examination around the corner! At an innocent age, the innocent minds are taught about how passing the exam is good and failing is equally bad.  Without any choice, the innocent minds have to participate in the rat race just to pass the exam. Everyone around applaud when they pass the test while failure makes them worthless. This struggle to survive starts at a very age but that is how the world treats and creates an obsession for examination.

Examinations have ruined today’s education. Many students do not feel fully prepared for life in the adult world. It comes amid growing concern from business leaders that young recruits are turning up unprepared for work. Academics have warned that many schools focus on teaching children what they need to know to pass tests and meet government exam targets, rather than providing quality education. This is further diminishing the quality of future leaders and  fate of the coming generation.

Students need to learn skills for life, not just for passing the exams. They are failing to learn the execution of knowledge in the real life beyond books as education is dominated by exams.

Students often, don’t know what they study, what is the purpose of it and its significance in their life. This attitude should be shelved. They need to start visualizing what they read, so that they can retain it for life long, not just for the time being.

We are confident by now that Educolada has broaden your narrow perspective and you have something serious to think upon.

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