How To Choose a Stream After Class 10th?

Deciding a stream after class 10th, is one big decision to take.  

Life is all about making decisions. The decision taken by the students often depends on parental pressure or lack of knowledge. As a result, the students start disliking their subjects’ midway and feel frustrated after a while about the wrong move.

Therefore, it is important to realize the fact that right stream makes significant improvement in your career path. Choosing the stream that suits you the best will definitely be a boost to your career prospects in future.

Educolada will take the first step in your career journey and help you in making wise career choices.


Having a clear understanding of your personality is the first step in choosing the right stream. Self awareness will help to identify your strength and weakness. Analyze interests and skills at their own end to understand your capabilities. Ask yourself if you want to be a scientist, or you want to see yourself as a corporate person dealing with numbers and statistics. For example: If you an extrovert who is outgoing and brilliant in interacting with people, then you may consider a career in sales or if you live in dreams and are artistic as well, a career in fine arts will be the best. Access your real personality accordingly.


Lack of knowledge and sometimes interest might become the reason for students to take the wrong decision and feel bad about it later in life.  Many a times students just ignore their passion and follow their parent’s dreams.  It is better to just get their advice and not to go under pressure. Often parents are worried and would want their child to follow what everyone is doing. But that is something you should avoid as later in life you’ll understand how hard it is to study a subject which does not interests you. 

So, having a healthy discussion with parents should not be ruled out while choosing the right stream.


It’s a big decision! First of all you should research about all the career options  and list down the ones according to your preference. Then analyze the extent of opportunities available for the preferred career path.  This will benefit you with the advantages and difficulties in your journey ahead. You will also get to know new things which you had no idea about earlier.

For instance, if you plan on being an IAS Officer, then opting for Science or Commerce will not be a wise decision. Likewise, think smartly before landing to any stream because it will have a long lasting impact on your future.


It is important to take an aptitude test and get recommendations from experts for the best-suited stream for yourself. You need to think about the subjects that you enjoy studying. Without interest, you won’t remember them for long! Studying with interest helps you grow faster and better than those who don’t!


This method is quite simple. Address the question – “What do you want to be or how do you want to see yourself in the future?” Keep thinking for a while until you get the answer and when you are sure about it, move forward. Think about the necessary qualifications you will need to achieve your goal. It is like planning a road map. It is a must to realize your goals in life before going for selection.


There is no denial to the fact that nothing can be taught what experience teaches you. Your seniors can definitely motivate and inspire you to study hard and do well. Taking their experiences and lessons into consideration, you will have a clear idea about the direction you need to follow. Good judgment and right kind of aptitude when coupled with guidance in the right direction to pick up a definite stream helps one in choosing the right career option.

It’s up to you how you choose a stream after class 10th. Remember not to take a certain stream just because your friends or everyone are taking it. Do what you want..


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