How the right approach on internet can help you crack UPSC!

Today in this 21st century, the internet is wisely helping students to seek information and lots of websites are helping UPSC candidates to start IAS Preparation. .This boosts the knowledge and talent when the internet is used effectively. Civil services aspirants nowadays cannot afford to ignore the Internet in their preparation. One has to use technology and not get washed away in exploring it more. Some People start a Facebook and Whatsapp group which will be useful for 1% and will kill time for 99%. So it is no use to join in a Facebook/Whatsapp study group. An effective use of internet can show dramatic effects in the preparation that would reflect in your results.

Educolada provides you how to take optimum benefit of Internet in your UPSC preparations.
  1. Search anything
    There is a huge stock of information on the internet. It is a virtual library of anything under the sun. Gone are the days when you needed to get hold of a book to read about a topic. Today, simply seek on the net and get an idea about the topic. Obviously, you should know to channel the information before you utilize it.
  2. News sites
    Reading newspapers is an elementary part of UPSC civil services preparation and every newspaper offers their online versions free of cost. You can’t subscribe to each paper yet you can choose the best articles and publications and utilize it in your IAS preparations. The same goes for magazines too.
  3. Visuals
    Subjects like Geography, Physics, Chemistry, etc. are better understood through 3D visuals rather than text. The internet offers interesting videos and simulations for topics in these subjects.
  4. Blog
    You can blog your thoughts and perspectives on the web. This way you can interact with fellow IAS aspirants and coaches. This will significantly upgrade your reasoning skills which will help you in your UPSC board interview.

For beginners internet is best medium for getting familiarized with exam pattern, it’s related requirements and collecting information. Social media gets you directly in touch with fellow mates and even toppers, with whom you can discuss, clear doubts and to know the complexities involved. CSE preparations is such where you experience new things each day and coverage of current affairs and contemporary developments can be easily managed with internet.

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