This is how you can reduce study time!

Sometimes you are astounded when that one student who is hardly seen studying or even participating, becomes the topper of your class. How does that make you feel? Do you wonder how to reduce study time? 

It is important to realize that merely spending a lot of time with bundle of books and study notes does not guarantee you to become the “genius”. This not only affects your confidence and motivation, but you also start doubting your knowledge and potential.

Therefore, Your mantra should be “Study Less, Study Smart!”

Let’s explore the best ways to retain in less time with Educolada:

Believe in self study:

Self study is the best way to learn effectively when you want to score good grades. Every time you must not rely on group studies as it does not deliver the best method to learn. Reason being you might get distracted or end up playing UNO.

It is preferable to find an isolated place and focus on what is needed to study rather than killing time in group studies, talking to people about the complexity of the syllabus or complaining about it.

Try not to panic:

The habit of panicking will result into added pressure and workload for all subjects. It is better to keep yourself calm and face the challenges. Move ahead with success rather than wasting time panicking about the situation in hand and getting stressed over it. Even when you find it difficult to understand, find ways to counter the challenge and take control of the situation.

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Have your own study tricks

You should invent your own study techniques considering your concentration skills, interest levels and grasping power. Use abbreviations and code words while learning multiple pointers to reduce your study time.

For instance, many students face difficulty in remembering dates in history. You can make it simple by associating the dates with your friends’ birth dates and likewise. Also, how about memorizing the periodic table with your own customized song.

Try to make study simpler and easier by using your own study tricks.

Focus on Recollection

Every time there is a possibility that you may not get whatever you have studied for an exam. Therefore, it is important to be actively involved while studying. Recollection requires a trigger for you to remember something and hence quiz yourself and don’t just glance over the highlighted notes.

Division of categories:

To reduce a considerable amount of your time, divide everything you have to learn into two categories: Concepts and Facts.

Concepts are the basic reason you’re studying something to begin with and once you understand them, they stick with you. Concepts are the foundation that hold the entire big picture together and become the most crucial part of study. Whereas, facts are things that can fall out of your brain and you may need to come up with a mnemonic device in order to study them.

However, you should stop wasting hours studying at only a third of the pace you could be going and study smart. You should not only focus on “how to study” but your aim should be “how to study smart.”

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