Here is the reason to take UPSC exam

UPSC, the exam which can turn any common man to a one of a kind. The power, respect, recognition (all what you can ask for) comes to your door step. The reasons to take up UPSC exam should be autonomous. No one should be the reason for your failure when you are the one to reap the fruit of the hard work. Motivation and ambition is a deadly combination for the one who is preparing to go for UPSC exam. Educolada brings you the perfect reasons to take up upsc exam in this rundown.

No risk of losing job

Today’s corporate jobs are very swanky, people have package reaching roofs but at time of recession corporate job’s luster can be faded in no time. Government jobs have higher security factor but this doesn’t mean that they are easy to get.

Privileged members of the society

Yes you are selected as an officer and civilians are jealous of your power but these privileges are given to officers because of the risk that is undertaken by them. They are the most influential people of society as people look upto them for the betterment of the world around them.

Contribution to the nation’s growth

As a bureaucrat or better as a civil servant, you have the authority to make and implement the developmental schemes for the growth of the nation. Nothing feels better than serving your nation. Your country made you what you are at present so repay by serving it with dignity and honor.

Unmatchable power

The officer is responsible for the government affairs and working in the areas of framing and implementation of the policies under the consultation of the ministers. Officer is also responsible to supervise and to be present in the different places where the decided policies are to be implemented.

Get Paid leaves for higher education

An officer can get a paid leave for 2-3 years to pursue higher education like MBA, M.phil. They are also allowed to study in world’s best universities. Most of the expense of higher education of an officer is taken by government. Isn’t this reason strong enough to take up UPSC exam .

Travel the world

If you are hardworking and fortune enough you might get into IFS (Indian foreign services)and travel the whole world.Not only you get to work abroad but also get the privilege to learn several foreign languages and the adapt to the lifestyle abroad.

Balanced life

Contrary to the popular belief, a civil servant has a good work life balance with ample time for both work and family. On several occasions, civil servants request the government for peaceful assignments so as to able to spend quality time with family or to devote some time to their children.

Remember all these benefits come with the cost of hard work, the difference between ordinary and extra ordinary is just little extra so work for that extra bit.

Wish you luck


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