Is it the right time to quit the job and chase the dream?

Finding passion in life is very important as it helps in many kinds. However, when someone says,  “I’m quitting my job to chase my dreams!”, it carries two mixed emotions:

  1. Excitement: Exciting things often happen when people step out of their comfort zone and make space to go for their dreams! It is admiring to find people with that kind of passion.

  2. Fear: It is equally important to think practically. What if their dreams are not realistic? How will they pay their bills? What impact might that decision have upon their family?

So, before you take a big decision, Educolada will give you following pointers that will help to take a wiser decision:

Know the true reason to quit the job:
Before you quit the job and enter into your exciting new career as a student, figure out whether you’re leaving your job because it does not interests you anymore or because you really want to study further. Do you want to be an expert in your field or do you want to do something entirely different? It is important to address these questions before you arrive at any decision.

Financial planning:
How will you handle costs when the paycheck would not be arriving on 1st of every month? Maybe you have to be dependent on your parents again or maybe you’ve enough in your savings. However, either way there will be some amount of cost cutting involved because you’ll be a student again.

Be Responsible:
You owe it to yourself to chase your dream – but not at the expense of those around you. It cannot be denied that “be responsible” does not sounds as convincing as “chase your passion”- but it is important. The decisions that you make can have both positive and negative outcomes. You should have enough courage to take the responsibilities. It is advised to have a backup plan before you arrive at any decision.

Whether the additional degree is really helpful?
A wise decision cannot be taken without a detailed research. You don’t want to take a wrong decision and regret it later because you’ll invest time, money and resources in that degree. If after pursuing a degree, you want to come back and do the same thing, there’s definitely no point!

Be Realistic:
When all is said and done, quitting your job isn’t easy and probably a big risk. But, if you’re ready then go ahead. There is a possibility that you’ll have to go through a tough time finding a job after you finish your studies, and you still may not find what you like. So, it’s essential to be mentally prepared for that sort of struggle.

Build a Bridge:
To make a move towards an ideal career, you can choose between 2 ways. One is to quit your job right away and then work towards your goal from scratch. The other is to transit by building a “bridge” that will link you from the current position to your ideal career, and then quit when you are ready.

While deciding on your big decision you require 3Cs: Clarity, Confidence and Control. Clarity is not when you know what you don’t want, it is when you know what you exactly want. Also,Confidence is always built and once you win the battle of the brain, it can create instant change. Sometimes you need to put yourself into an uncomfortable position to make yourself fight for your dreams!

Go for it and share your experiences in the comment section below.

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