Quick Tips To Write IAS Exam Answers

You must have had lost a lot of sweat while practicing answers for IAS exam but now try not to further lose your mind. You must have practised enough to write answers for IAS exam and yet not able to find satisfactory pointers to draft an answer. But It is ok!  Try not to let the nervousness overwhelm you. After all you are about to get into the battleground of probably the toughest examination in the country.

We are aware of the hard work and dedication that you must have put in while drafting appropriate answers, therefore, Educolada shares quick tips to write IAS exam answers.

  1. Be Straightforward:

    Simplicity is the key. Write an answer that is direct, to the point and easy to understand. Try not to implement literary prose in your answer sheets.

  2. Sound Grammatically Correct:

    Make sure your answers follow correct grammar rules. Clear your grammatical doubts beforehand. It is advised to recall and revise them again to avoid mistakes in the exam.

  3. Grab the Attention:

    Start your answers with creative opening remarks in order to grab the attention of the examiner. End it with something concrete and do not leave it hanging in air with an abrupt end which mostly happens due to paucity of time.

  4. Frame Pointers:

    Try to frame your answers in pointers. As said, it improves your presentation and is easier for the examiner to focus on the core and also his attention does not get carried away.

  5. Follow a Sequence:

    Make sure your thoughts flow seamlessly through the answer. Avoid hopping from one concept to another and write your answer in a systematic manner.

  6. Do not leave any questions un-attempted:

    This will shut out the other chances of getting any marks but that does not mean you should write anything. Just think about one or two relevant topics and continue with it.

  7. Do not sit down to count words:

    Those who have been practicing writing answers shall have a fair idea of how many of their sentences make up 150-200 words. This is how even the examiners will guess the number of words in your answer. You must also remember that content matters more than the length.

  8. Avoid writing in haphazard manner:

    Avoid writing in un-ruled sheets which may tend you to write answers tilted in a particular direction. It is annoying for the examiner to tilt his head at odd angles to read what you might have written. So avoid it.

  9. Work on your hand-writing:

    Ensure your handwriting is legible. If it is not, you would just be giving the examiner a chance to mark a zero and move on. Remember, good handwriting is clear thinking made visible.
  10. Presentation:

    The answer sheet must be presentable enough to impress the examiner. Draw a single line once you are done writing the answer. While answer sheet evaluation, it’s your presentation that does wonders.

We advise you to carry relevant stationery and even stencils for geometric figures. Wish you the best with your preparations and a lot of answers that you have already prepared for the exam.

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