Are you one of those committing these Preparation Mistakes for IIT-JEE Exams

As an IIT aspirant, you must have heard a lot of advices like – ‘You must not lose your focus’, ‘Practice, Practice, and Practice some more to get through IIT JEE’, and ‘Distractions will kill your Dedication. Beware of them!’ But then, nobody knew the exact area where aspirants are going wrong! So, Educolada is here with some common preparation mistakes for IIT-JEE exams that must avoided:

Without being clear with Basics, jumping to high level questions: You cannot expect to understand trigonometry without knowing what an angle is?
The theory and the application of a topic, along with important topics you need to know beforehand i.e. prerequisites, are the basics. When you’re sure of that, the difficult topics start making a lot more sense than they earlier did.

Using too many reference books: Excess of anything has always given negative results. Using too many reference books will put your head swimming with the bundle of unanswered questions behind those covers.  Instead, use fewer reference books, but choose them wisely. Once you complete your syllabus, practice as much as you can.

Ignoring your mistakes: Learning from mistakes is important to rectify oneself. So, even if you make errors while writing the examinations, make sure to rectify yourself the next time and do not repeat the same mistakes again.

Underestimating the importance of class XI syllabus:  Class XI syllabus is a foundation for what is learnt in class XII. Therefore, equal importance should be given to the syllabus of both the classes. A thorough revision of class XI concepts will be of great use for JEE preparation.

Mugging Formulae: “Learning by heart” is what we all have been hearing from childhood. But when there are hundreds of formulae to learn in Physics, Chemistry and Maths, there is a possibility to forget many of them. Understanding how a formula is derived is a lot easier to remember than the actual formula itself. This way, if you get stuck while trying to solve a problem, you won’t be forcing yourself to remember a line of formula from a big mess of letters & numbers in your head, but actually try to recall how you can get there systematically.

Not revising: If you think that you know everything, then let’s be blunt- you know nothing! Revision is the best way to know where you’re weak in a topic. After revision, you discover your strengths and your weaknesses. It’s then time to work on those weaknesses by getting help on those topics.

Don’t be afraid of moving slowly, be afraid of standing still!

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