MBA Branches Engineering students have been looking for.

MBA Branches Engineering students have been looking for.

We are in a world where your degree is not the only deciding factor but your passion and skill set also counts for selecting the right profession. Firstly, let’s break the misconception that MBA is only for Commerce students! Students from both science and humanities backgrounds opt for it and are doing extremely well in their respective fields. Selecting best MBA branch for engineering students can be complicated if they are not very sure of what they want to do next in life.

Educolada here brings you the list of MBA Branches engineering students have been looking for to untangle the complicated strings.


MBA in Operation Management

MBA in operation management helps you in dealing with production management or shop floor management related function. You learn how to maintain process flow, interdepartmental relationships. Candidates with mechanical engineering background would be best suitable for this branch.

MBA in operation management would offer you a decent salary. As fresher 4-5 lakhs per annum after 4+ years you can bag about 9 lakh per annum.


MBA in Information Technology

MBA in IT is designed to build a manager who can effectively manage the planning design, selection, implementation and converging information and communication technologies. IT graduates are the best candidates for this type of MBA as they have more knowledge about Hardware and software solutions to solve a business problem. Subjects like database management, Ethical hacking can be a very helpful.

Package of a MBA in IT can vary from 85,000$ to 130,000$ with experience and company he is working with.



MBA in supply chain management is a unique and exciting opportunity in the field of business management. It includes inventory management, warehouse and transportation of various material required by the client or a company. Candidates with mechanical engineering can be suitable for this MBA branch. The desired candidate needs to have knowledge about supply chain models, logistics and transportation.

Salary can vary from 8.5 lakhs per annum to 12 lakh per annum and will grow with time and experience.


MBA in Oil & Gas Management

This program will lead to rewarding careers across the Oil and Gas, Renewable energy and other related industries, both in India and Abroad. It will give you in-depth understanding of strategic business issues across the entire hydrocarbon value chain, from exploration to the retailing of petroleum and petroleum products. It covers areas like pricing, exploration and production, import of crude oil and LNG, acquisition of oil equity, refining and export of petro products, regulation and distribution of oil & gas and petro research. Candidates with background of chemical engineering can will be best suitable for this branch of MBA.

Salary will be as high as 95,000$ after 5 years of work experience


MBA in Aviation Management

Aviation Management is about being an airport employee who oversees compliance with local, state and federal rules and regulations, ensuring that an airport or its departments run efficiently and safely while overseeing the hiring and management of airport or department staff. Workers in top management jobs like these can expect to work long hours because the aviation manager is responsible for the success or failure of the entire organization. Evening, weekend and holiday shifts are a possibility, since airports may serve incoming or outgoing flights during those times. Candidates with bachelors in aeronautical would fit in best.

The average annual Aviation Manager salary is $158,998 .


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