Strategies To Manage Time in JEE Examination

Let us straight away come to the point, you are allocated 180 minutes of Time in JEE Examination to efficiently get through 60 questions with high difficulty.

If you’re aiming to attempt complete set of 60 questions in the given time frame, you need to solve each question in not more than three minutes.
Here is a suggestion regarding how you should divide your Time in JEE Examination:

  • Pre-scanning – 5 minutes
  • Physics – 55 minutes
  • Chemistry – 50 minutes
  • Mathematics – 65 minutes
  • Revision – 5 minutes

JEE is not entirely about solving all the problems. The success is all about accuracy and speed. If you try to solve all the problems in one go, then you may not even come close to many questions at the end of the test. To deal with this, you got to improve your IQ level.

Smart preparation gets you good scores. But knowing what questions to attempt first can make a whole lot of difference. JEE is all about accuracy, speed, and knowing the questions you should do first. You can never skip any one of the above aspects if you are looking to score well. But the catch is that your speed and accuracy in the exam depends a lot on the questions you attempt first.

  1. Pre-scanning: Don’t immediately start answering the questions. It is important to scan the paper first to get the right plan about the approach towards solving the paper so that, you don’t miss out some easy questions because of time constraint.
  2. Prioritize: It is a benefit that you can start with any section of your choice among the three. Choose wisely and choose nicely. Attempting in the following manner is suggested :
    >First: Chemistry- Inorganic and Organic concepts are more logic based or memory based and so they can be solved faster.
    >Second: Mathematics- Humans are more prone to make calculation mistakes when they are in hurry or skip a concept while attempting a mathematics question when running out of time. So it is always advised to attempt Mathematics on the second number so that the mind is free from stress or time shortage.
    >Third: Physics- A considerable amount of time is required to face the challenge by physics concepts and it is more easier to concentrate when your brain knows that you have completed the other two sections.
  3. Read The Questions Carefully: It is always challenging to put those multiple concepts together in each of the questions. So it is advised to understand carefully what is being asked in the question.
  4. Refrain Unsure Answers: Always refrain yourself from marking answers about which you aren’t sure because even a single wrong answer affects your rank.
  5. Stay Calm and Composed: Keep your mind free from stress and focus on exam rather than anxiety.

Although, this hierarchy is not necessary to follow. Everybody has their own personalized strategies. It’s better to go with the best of your plan about how to utilize your Time in JEE  Examination.

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