Are you making these grammar mistakes?

Let’s face it, grammar has a bad reputation. When we hear the word grammar, a Jigsaw puzzle takes its place in our mind, For example, English present-perfect, past-participle, verb conjugation tables and repetitive drills. But this is not what grammar is all about.

When a child grows, it is necessary that he is taught how to communicate as when children learn how to express themselves, they develop better communication skills. It is useful for their future as they have to face the outside world. So, here are some of the common spoken English mistakes that many of us commit unintentionally.

  1. Cope up with. No, You don’t cope up with things, you cope with things.
  2. How often we use anyways. The word is ‘anyway‘.
  3. When you say Many a times. You either mean ‘many times‘ or ‘many a time‘.

  4. If You want the other person to answer back, you keep using that word Revert back.. ‘Revert’ means ‘return to a previous state’. The word you’re looking for is ‘reply‘ – and what’s more, just ‘reply’. Not ‘reply back’.

  5. Have you used ‘Lot many‘ or ‘a lot many. It’s either ‘many‘ or ‘a lot‘, or (usually) ‘a lot of‘.
  6. Hey, what is this website called? ‘Called as‘ is incorrect. This website is not called as Educolada; it is called Educolada.

  7. Are you trying to frame a conditional sentence? If Yes, [the rest of the sentence], is incorrect grammar. ‘Yes’ is not a state of being, it’s an expression of agreement. You don’t say ‘if no’, you say ‘if not’. Similarly, it’s not ‘if yes’ but ‘if so‘. Alternatively, you could say ‘if your answer is yes‘, but ‘if so’ is so much easier.

  8. Feeling guilty for what you did and ready to admit it? ‘I did a mistake.’ Good for you for admitting it, but nope, you made a mistake.

  9. Every morning you say, ‘I saw a dream.‘ Nope, you had a dream.
  10. Do you write emails with “Please Find Attached”? Technically, this portrays that the sender seems to have lost the file, and is asking the recipient to find it. A better, correct usage would be “please see attached“, or better “please refer to/review the attached document“.

  11. Rule about Apostrophe & Words Ending with s: This is a rather controversial rule. The most convincing and widely acceptable rule is that every proper noun ending with an s shall not have an additional s after the apostrophe, when denoting a possessory form. For example: Jesus’, Jones’. As with common nouns, if used in singular form, an additional s shall follow after the apostrophe. For example: class’s, glass’s, actress’s. However, if a common noun is used in a plural form, there shall be no s after the apostrophe. For example: classes’, boys’, dogs’.

  12. Many people get Confuse with Singular & Plural Forms : Alumni is a plural form of alumnus. Similarly, data, criteria and fora are plural forms of datum, criterion and forum.
    Incorrect: I am an alumni of Delhi University.
    Correct: I am an alumnus of Delhi University.

  13. Don’t you use the terms “Goggles, Shades, Glasses” interchangeably?  They are all different forms of eye wears and should not be used interchangeably. Goggles are generally used to denote close fitting eye wears, used for doing specific activities, for e.g. swimming, cycling, rock climbing etc. Shades/Sunglasses are used for protection against sunlight (also used a swag enhancers). Glasses/Spectacles are worn to correct eyesight defects.

  14. Pronunciation of The: The is pronounced as ‘tha’ when it comes before a non-vowel sound. It is pronounced as ‘thee’ when it comes before a vowel sound.
    Tha climax.
    Thee end.

  15. Do you ‘Discuss about’ anything?
    “What shall we discuss about today?”
    “Let’s discuss about politics”.
    You don’t “discuss about” something; you just discuss things. The word “discuss” means to “talk about”. There is no reason to insert the word “about” after “discuss.” That would be like saying “talk about about.”
I am sure there are many more.. Please tell us in the comments 🙂

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