Last 10 Days CAT Preparation

So, we are into last 10 days CAT Preparation period for the year 2016, Keeping in mind that CAT is like a one-month long festival that skips a lot of heartbeats, it is important to fine tune your strategies in the last few days.

All you need is to be prepared for the two sections in the exam, although the two of them seem to be poles apart. On one hand we have Quantitative Aptitude and Data Interpretation and on the other, we have Verbal Ability and Reading Comprehension. Comparing with your mock test , the first section varies a little in score while the second has a greater divergence.

  1. Reading Comprehension:

    Hope you’re in touch with your RCs. Make sure you solve 3 passages a day till your CAT date is too close. Read anything or everything in English that you find interest in. Read RC like a mechanical structure of paragraphs rather than getting emotionally involved in the words.
    Last 10 Days CAT Preparation


  2. Grammar:

    Ask yourself an honest question. Are you a purist while answering grammar questions with guess work? If not, avoid answering these questions in the exam as the probability of getting them correct without knowing the actual grammar rules is very less.

    Last 10 Days CAT Preparation


  3. Vocab:  

    Revise all the terms you have learned so far but don’t get into learning new words lists. Use flashcards and focus on implementing vocab based on roots and mnemonics.

    Last 10 Days CAT Preparation


  4. Verbal Reasoning:

    The more you practice, the better you get at them. Make sure you are solving a lot of these questions before going to the actual exam. Identify the weak spots, strong spots and what you can do best naturally.

    Last 10 Days CAT Preparation


  5. Logical Reasoning:

    Problem-selection with these questions is tricky. These questions need a lot of concentration and ability to apprehend the logic behind the questions more than the skills of solving it. It is suggested to polish preparations with primarily with quizzes and puzzles to  different categories like Cubes, Rankings, Arrangements , Table based LR sets, Games, SET theory based etc.

    Last 10 Days CAT Preparation


  6. Tests Taking:

    Strengths and weaknesses must be evaluated. Make sure you appear for a full length mock tests. If possible try giving two tests a day.

    Last 10 Days CAT Preparation


  7. Trust in what you already know:

    The last two days, you gotta chill out and relax. No more studying; no more preparation. No more mock tests. Get your documents in order (Admit card, application form, Photo ID, etc……whatever stuff you have to take to the centre).

    Last 10 Days CAT Preparation


  8. Unwind:

    Sleep for atleast 8-9 hours the night before the exam. Reach the centre well in time.

    Last 10 Days CAT Preparatio


Stick on a fair strategy for the actual CAT exam, but do remain fairly flexible for any surprises that may come your way. Do not ever be rigid on the number of questions you want to attempt, or the time you plan to spend on each question. Just focus on maximizing your attempt. Attempt the easier, quicker questions first, then do the ones that might take some more time but are do-able.

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