Stop Following The Crowd And Know The Real Reason To Study At B-School

A typical common man will dream his life as : School->College->B-school->Job->Death.
If we will ask students about their plans after graduation, many would say MBA and study at B-school. Nowadays, it has become a necessity rather than an interest that one opts for business school. Whether you are a fresh undergraduate, a working professional with a couple of years of industry experience or a fairly successful entrepreneur, looking to see if going back to school will prove to be truly fruitful or not! Educolada is here to help you to answer all your doubts:

Change in the perspective: MBA opens up new ideas and helps you look at issues with different perspective. This is because you get to meet people with different intellect that influence your thinking.  Learning in a business school is all about expanding your analytical horizons. The numerous tasks you need to undertake always require a certain inclination towards analysis.

High-risk decision making: The primary purpose of business school is to craft students into intelligent decision makers and professionals who can handle on the unpredictable and high-risk situations presented in the business world.This also involves keeping calm under stressful times and B-School will prepare you to face such situations by throwing you in a cyclone of stress building tasks.

Connections worth million dollars: The people you meet in business school, the kind of friends and acquaintances you make and your professors will far outweigh all the academic learning you will do at B-school. Establishing a perfect balance between your peers and seniors is what a B-School can probably teach you in a very proper way. It’s not about what you know, it’s about who you know!

Balancing professional and personal life: In this materialistic world, it becomes a difficult task to manage personal and work life. B-School prepares you to handle your life in a better way. It is like a final rehearsal for the busy future life. If striking a proper balance is grasped and learnt at this stage, it becomes rather easy to tackle life ahead. We are taught this right from school, but in this phase, it can be learnt best.

Getting out of the comfort zone: At B-school you are taught that “there is no growth in comfort and there is no comfort in growth.” Innovation happens when we step out of our comfort zone. You will be taught to getting comfortable with being uncomfortable.  As a successful future entrepreneur, you need to learn to get out of comfort zone and try unique things. This not only triggers growth but also, let you explore the hidden opportunities.

Complete ease with numbers: No matter if you are running a business or managing one for a company, you would have to deal with numerical data on daily basis. As a management student, the standard expectation will be to analyze those numbers, assess and formulate the right plan-of-action. B-school makes you more than comfortable with handling numbers.

Presentation skills: Business is all about presentations. As a student, you will be required to give presentations to your professor panel.  A B-School trains you how to be professional in terms of communication and showmanship. An interactive session is what results in the best outcomes. Along with this, improving soft skills can be best done here.

You have got two ears and one mouth, use them in the same ratio. You learn more when you listen than when you talk. Life passes quickly–days, weeks, months, years, a lifetime. Regret for the things we did, can be tempered by time. It is regret for the things that we did not do that is inconsolable.

So, make the best of it and cherish the golden opportunity.

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