Key Benefits Of Studying At IIT

You might have to face extent of competition, hard work, struggle or even distress during those two years but you will love the fascinating results it will bring to you after those worthy preparations. Perks of being at IIT is something that can be witnessed not only in India but recognized globally.

Talking about the benefits of studying at one of “The Institutions”, here we are with few contentment that you will acquire:

  • Pride: I mean C’mon, you have been the luckiest to get here. You gain respect from family and friends that you’re studying at one of “the institutions” in our country.
  • Brainstorming: You will be studying with the best brains of our country and hence, you will get a great exposure to think, learn and execute.
  • All Round Development: It is not only about being one of the best engineers of the country but also you will be able to learn management expertise, financial abilities, social skills and many more.
  • The Brand Name: It is the thing that stays with you for the lifetime. And as we all know – The tag matters.
  • That Counselor Feeling: Everybody follow your suggestions, from that unknown cousin to his neighbor’s uncle’s brother’s son will trail around with your suggestions and studying methods.
  • It is not only about studies: You will get an exposure to participate in various events, festivals and other social culture that these institutions have.
  • Special Provisions: You will have other provisions such as high speed LAN, your own open theatre (IITK), high quality labs, computer centres, magnificent library, air conditioned lecture halls, wifi enabled campus, etc.
  • Benefits outside the campus: Many wouldn’t know but being an IITian you also get 10-15% discount at private restaurants, free doctor consultations if you have referral to Health Centre of Institution and also discounts for travelling via railways.
  • Other than Academics: Clubs like Dramatics, Dance, Music, Electronics, Robotics, Astronomy, Aeromodelling, Fine arts, etc which can help you acquire many skills other than academics.
  • Internships: Talking about the internships you can have a sure shot opportunity to pursue your internships in foreign lands.
  • Future Security: If you uphold being an IITian , you will not have to worry about your future as you will be placed in a good company with a good package which most of the institutions are known for.

Student from an IIT is no different from other students yet different when graduated from a reputed college. They’re just an exam ahead which is what makes a difference. If a student puts his quality amount of time into smart efforts with some hard work, it would not be difficult to crack the exams for best of colleges in India with which he can also notice a huge difference in himself.

Although, winning is not everything.

Sometimes it is the journey which takes you to the destination which you never expected. It may happen that you do not get through IIT JEE, but preparing for it will certainly lead you to a better place.These things might not secure a seat for you at one of the IIT institutions but will surely give you a sense of self-confidence and self-regard, which are the skills very much apart from your academic strengths.

Wish you all the best. (y)

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