JEE Aptitude Test – Another Roadblock Or Lifeline?

Selection Procedure for Joint Entrance Examination(JEE) is going to change to a predetermining Aptitude Test in 2017. Aspiring candidates will now have to apply for this JEE aptitude test for attempting JEE. Only the ones passing the test successfully will be eligible to appear for JEE 2017.

Besides this, an expert committee has been assigned to reduce the number of engineering examinations and design an exam pattern in such a way that efforts by coaching institutes are reduced. Also, a reform was decided from 2016 that 12th standard board examination will not be taken into account for delivering the rankings, unlike previous years.

But is this step taken to put an end to the blind race for engineering seat that govt is going for such a significant overhaul?

The major problem with the current selection procedure is that the marks of students who comprehend the concepts and the ones who mug up are more or less similar. This process is progressively worsening the quality of students intake by various reputed colleges and indirectly leading to a decline of students who are innovative and can think out of the box.

While on the other hand, many coaching centres target AIRs which has created a gap between the students who get selected in exams like JEE and what the colleges really want.

The new procedure  is intended to test the performance of candidates on scientific thinking, which no amount of coaching can teach. It will help in judging how the candidate will respond in real life problems and eventually increase the aptitude of students. Based on this, about 4 lakh candidates shall be shortlisted for taking the JEE. However, JEE will continue to be following the similar guidelines as it is now.

Students greeted differently to the proposal of deciding who will take the JEE through an aptitude test. Some endorsed the plan while others gave it a thumbs down. This might give rise to a totally different scenario.
Already, it was not easy to get through the test that now students will have to take additional guidance to prepare for the predetermining aptitude test.

This thought of aptitude test has a great deal of advantages connected to it but as it’s new in the field of engineering entrances, we will have to hold up to perceive how much achievement it accomplishes.

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