Irrelevant topics that you might be reading for IAS Prelims

Save the date- June 18,2017. Lakhs of IAS aspirants will be taking the exam on this date, hoping to make it to the mains in the month of October this year. IAS prelims includes two objective papers:

  1. General Studies Paper I
  2. General Studies Paper II (CSAT)

Both the papers are of 200 marks each. They both carry negative marks for incorrect answers. Candidates have to score a minimum of 33% in the CSAT paper. Only the marks of the GS paper I will be counted for the prelims ranking.

Clearing prelims will turn out to be a cakewalk if the aspirants get proper guidance and orientation. It is important to know the relevant topics but it is equally important to know the irrelevant once to save your time and energy. So, here Educolada is giving you some unwanted topics that you can simply avoid.

  1. For the prelims, give your priority to Freedom Struggle and give less focus on Ancient and Medieval Indian History. Once you complete freedom struggle, it is your choice to give a glance on the rest two topics.
  2. Focus on Macroeconomics. Economy is a very important topic not just for IAS Prelims but for Mains and Interview as well. Also, as a civil servant you are expected to remain up-to-date with relevant economic indicators and trends in order to frame effective policies. For this reason you should never ignore Economy questions in Paper 1 that can vary from 10-20 each year.
  3. While preparing for sports, art and science, you need not to remember all the names. Just remember few names that have been in the news recently. For example, Ms. Yamini Krishnamurthi received Padma Vibhushan for Art-Classical dance in Delhi.
  4. Memorizing the names of all the Presidents, Prime Ministers and currencies of all the countries in the world is a complete waste of time. Instead, study only prominent names and those who are creating relevant news. For example, win of Donald Trumph has made the relevant news recently.
  5. Entertainment and bollywood news have zero importance in UPSC. No matter how attractive the news may seem, you should not waste your time reading this. The same goes for business and criminal news, even if they are capturing the headline.
Clearing IAS Prelims is not about studying for 16 hours in a day. Moreover, it is not the hours rather the quality that matters. It is important to find your balance and you are all set to rock on the exam day.

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