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Instructions For Attempting CBSE Class 12 Exam Papers

CBSE Class 12 Board Exams are round the corner. Numbers of students belonging to CBSE are all set to write the board examination. There is no denial that your preparation so far will play a big part in your exam performance. It is obvious that stress, pressure and anxiety are on all time high. The few hours of examination time are going to be the last moments of your preparation for board exams, so do not let them go. Utilize these hours as much as possible in a good way. educolada CBSE Class 12

Make sure you have brought your stationery, calculators; admit card and your student identification card. Always allow plenty of time to get to the exam hall so that you are fully ready to approach the exams in a calm state of mind.

educolada CBSE Class 12

When you get the question paper; first read all the questions carefully and then mark the ones that you think are easy. This will give you confidence. While reading, emphasize on the requirements for each question so that you answer it correctly and to the point.  

educolada CBSE Class 12

Presentation is a critical component for attempting the exam paper. Make use of black pen for headings and sub-headings for good presentation. Paragraphs that are too long or which lack a header do not help the examiner. Therefore, good writing will benefit you.

educolada CBSE Class 12

  1. Be Clear
  2. Concise and to the point
  3. Correct answer
  4. Give complete answers; do not miss any necessary item of the question statement.
  5. Provide Concrete and relevant question.
  6. Consider every asked item and sense of the question.
  7. Proper Communication through formal description.


educolada CBSE Class 12

You need to make sure to spend the right length of time on each question and also answer the correct number of questions. Calculate the time to be spent on each question based on the marks it carries. Always keep a close eye on the watch and then make a time limit to solve all questions.

educolada CBSE Class 12

Once you are done with the paper, revise it thoroughly and highlight the important points or words. Add more important lines to the questions carrying more marks. Also, you can underline important words in paragraphs to grab the attention of the checker. Don’t be in hurry to leave the examination hall after completion of your exam paper. Cross check your answer sheet twice, thrice and again.

Here are some additional tips that will help you attempt your paper:
  • Write an introduction and conclusion for your answers wherever possible.
  • Make flow charts and diagrams wherever possible to support your answers.
  • Attempt all the questions.
  • Follow the word limit.
  • Leave appropriate space between words, sentence, and paragraphs.
  • Ask your invigilator in case of doubts.
  • Draw an ending line after every answer.
  • You can add something missing or correct your mistakes in the last 15 minutes of your exam.
  • Pay attention to the proper numbering of your answers as wrong estimate, sometimes, lead to deduction of marks.
  • Be precise. Overflowing content makes your answer look vague.

So, get prepared, write your own success stories and be prepared to IMPRESS.

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