Sure shot ways to instantly expand vocabulary

We all require a sufficient understanding of words to express our own ideas and to understand others. A good vocabulary bolsters one’s ability to grasp ideas and think more logically. The greater number of words you have, the more you will be able to interpret what others are trying to express. Research shows that, mostly people have to see, read and interact with words 5-7 times before storing them to long-term memory. It is easier to learn a word by visualizing it, writing one’s own definition, or thinking of a sentence to use the word in. This is anyday better than simply writing the word over and over again.

So, what are the sure shot ways to eliminate the poverty of words? Here’s Educolada to help you instantly expand vocabulary!


1. Switch to word games: Word games throw challenges and help you discover new words every time. They are fun tool in the quest for expanding your vocabulary. Crossword puzzles, Anagrams, Word Jumble, Scrabble, and Boggle are some of the word games that you must try.

2. Word-a-day Calendar: Use a word-a-day calendar, or create your own list of words to learn. This technique might be too blunt to follow but helps to churn out great results. However, if you fail on maintaining the calendar, that’s okay, just hold the rope and try to swing along.

3. Keep a handy wordbook: Use in print, software or any other kind of dictionary you are comfortable with. Whenever you uncover a new word, look out in the dictionary for its pronunciation and meaning(s). Further, find its synonyms, phrases, antonyms and learn the nuances among the words.

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4. Reading is the therapy: Reading exposes you to different vocabulary at regular intervals and helps you integrate into the context of your sentences on a daily basis. The stereotype might portray bookworms as boring and asocial, but studies have confirmed repeatedly that regular readers are much more expressive if you give them a chance to speak. This makes reading the most effective way to increase your vocabulary.

5. Link with mnemonics: Once you get a hang of the language, learning new words gets easier and easier as you can associate new vocabulary with homonyms, roots and other components you know already. Educolada has brought to you, a three step approach every time you come across a new word:
– Think of an image that clearly represents the word.
– Enlarge the image in your head and combine it with the person you want to associate it with.
– Remind yourself of the image of the word, and repeat a few more times to solidify it in your memory.

Follow the tips outlined above and we are sure that you will hold a key to better vocabulary after reading this article.

 “Vocabulary is the matter of word-building as well as word-using”

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