Hacks To Crack JEE Without Coaching

This one’s for those who have faith in their capabilities to crack JEE without coaching.

JEE is one of the toughest engineering exams to crack without joining any coaching institute for sure. Students have to devote months of preparation to crack this exam. Surely, some good guidance is needed to secure a decent score in JEE. However, there are a lot of students in this era who believe in their own abilities and aptitude.

Although coaching certainly pushes you closer to JEE success but at the end it’s you who is the anchor to your ship. So here we’re with few hacks which will help you to crack JEE without coachings:


  1. Focus: Initially, you should be aware of the amount of stress you must be facing during the time of preparation. You should have a positive approach towards your goal rather than distressing and losing motivation within yourself.
  2. Relevant Study Material: You must have friends studying at various coaching institutes. Engage with them and get the copy of the study material which can be helpful for you to check if you are missing out on anything. They can be a cattle prod for you to engage in critical thinking.
  3. Time Management: Properly utilize your time in best way you can. It is very important to have a scheduled time table for your studies. Solve more and more problems and discover more and more new tricks.
  4. Interact with experts: Internet has nowadays given students good exposure with what is in the pond and what is not. One can have endless opportunities to interact and resolve queries with experts. Quora is the best platform to resolve the problems you’re facing.
  5. Study Group: Create a peer study group, of not more than 5-6 students. Have a discussion regarding whatever you’re stuck in and help others with the same as well. Keep in touch with who have enrolled with coaching classes, keep yourself updated and make sure you’re one step ahead of them always.
  6. Revise Thoroughly: Revisions are very important. It is advised to revise your syllabus as many times as you can. Revision are beneficial in following ways:
    – increases your test taking abilities and speed.
    – helps you to overcome panic.
    – gives you a clear picture about the topics you’re weak in. 
  7. Refresh and Exercise: Take a chill pill, do not panic and take short breaks. Have a half an hour moderate physical activity per day or 150 minutes a week.
  8. Eat Well: Having a good diet is as much essential as studying. Your brain needs regular energy from food to work efficiently. Consumption of adequate amount of water is a hack for a stable mind.
  9. Sleep Well: A Good sleep resets your mind, increases blood flow to the brain and prepares you for critical thinking and retention. You must have at least 8 hours of proper sleep to relax your brain.
Through self-study you’ll get more time for preparation and revision. You will have the freedom to study at anytime and write as many test as you want through Mock Test Series.

Pull up your socks and go for it!

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