Govind Jaiswal : Rose from nothing to an IAS Officer

Mr. Govind Jaiswal is a man who with his continuous hard work and rock-solid determination has achieved that goal which still remains only a dream for millions. He has proved that those who have firm determination, even success can become a slave.

Govind Jaiswal, 24, the son of an uneducated rickshaw puller in Varanasi, had grown up with cruel taunts like ‘However much you study, you will still be a rickshaw-puller. ’

There were many hurdles during his journey. He had to study with cotton buds in his ears to eliminate the continuous noise of machines from his neighborhood where small workshops existed cheek by jowl with tiny residential quarters.

I could not afford to have any other career goal. My life would have been absolutely futile had I not made it into the civil services,” says Govind, just back from his medicals in New Delhi, mandatory for the IAS.

“You must understand that my circumstances were such that besides the Civil Services, I had no option. I didn’t have much of a chance with lower government jobs because they are mostly fixed, neither could I start a business because I had no money. The only thing I could do was work hard at my studies.”

His father, Narayan Jaiswal, sold a piece of land and gave Govind Rs.40,000 to prepare for civil service exams in New Delhi, as that would offer a better place to study. The tears of joy and happiness broke out from the eyes of Govind Jaiswal when he came to know that he had achieved his goal, his dream in the just first attempt of IAS exam. For first few minutes, he was shocked and shivering as his hands were not in his command when he tried to give this news to his father. Govind’s family was the happiest souls in the world when they first heard the news that Govind has cleared the exam and now he is actually an IAS Officer.

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