How to get the most out of School Life

How to get the most out of School Life

School has all the alphabets to make “COOL” and yes, it makes you cool in real life too. School life plays an important part in self-grooming, confidence building and exploring the deep unknown valleys of life. One spends initial years of life here, it’s the first place to grow and groom where you understand about life and importance of people around you.

Did you ever wish for some extra holidays due to a catastrophic incident at the school? Wishing something like this is also a part of school life but there’s a lot more and here’s the list, Educolada brings you to make the best of your school life.


Participating in Debates polishes public speaking skills. It also helps to gain multifaceted knowledge about several disciplines outside the learner’s academic subjects. You could be a student hanging out at home, watching TV or playing video games or the one to put on a suit, work on a weekend and develop solutions to the world’s most important problems. The best way to embrace your school life is to participate in MUN which is fun and alongside you learn something new every time you attend it.


Running for the house captain or even class monitor helps you understand human psychology . This will help you to understand your school mates better which is a key soft skill. You also learn about work distribution, planning, taking up a task, gravity of any deadline. Your accountability and credibility is acknowledged by your teachers and you are always looked up for a new task.


Teachers don’t really teach you how to manage your time effectively. One of the way you will learn time management is when you plan how to attempt your exam. You should plan those 3 hours with such conviction that you achieve high productivity and efficiency with much less stress.  Understand the importance and time taken by each section. Always start with section you are most confident with.  This will increase your moral and your speed in examination.


Sports help you to learn, repeat and memorize better. When you watch your hardwork  pay off and achieve your dreams, that proud moment cannot be explained in words. Alongside it increases your self confidence. Some of the great sportsman started at school level. Cricketers like Virat Kohli, Ishan Sharma are the live examples for the same. The sportsman in you will always keep you going. A good sportsman will accept failure but will not accept not trying! If you think that being a sportsman will affect your academics, then you should know that on contrary sports will help you to get admissions in DU and other universities under sports Quota.


Discipline in school life is very important for students. It’s purpose is to guide the students in school life to take right decision so that they grow up to become socially, scientifically and morally educated. Self-discipline is an inevitable part in the journey to achieve your goal. In today’s world there is cut-throat competition and only seriously dedicated students will survive this race.

No matter how hard, annoying and irritating school may get, we bet you will miss it in the end.

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