Education Tools and Websites for Students

Education is not something that we learn in school and colleges but they are the medium for it, Now the temple of education are gearing up themselves with ways by which they can help students to learn in a better way.

Some products that are widely used in Indian classroom are:


  • They are the largest ed-tech Company in India and the only company spread across the entire education ecosphere. In schools their presence in each of the education verticals is marked with technology-enabled products like projectors LED, high quality multimedia content,that come together to deliver unmatched value.
  • They make multimedia content which helpthe students to learn in a better way. Now the Atoms electrons are no more UFO to us.
  • They work in k-12 segment which help students to understand better. It is also been studied that when we see something we are more likely to remember it.


  • It is the only online subject-learning platform that can help students to prepare for competitive exams(IIT-JEE,AIPMT,etc) and Boards in India. Students can take tests, get feedback reports and compare their rankings with respect to the score. It is the ultimate solution for students that can help to analysis there progressand performance with the following features of Topper:
  • Question bank of more than 40,000 questions that help students to solve questions asked in competitive exams
  • Unlimited test with quick feedback reports after every test.
  • Suggested practice tests after each section to improve the concept.
  • Rank comparison pan India.
  • 24*7 support from IITians for clearing doubts.
  • Topper also has a mobile app that lets you prepare anywhere anytime.


  • Examify had a vision of not just study but preparing the students to take exams in the smartest & fastest way possible. They aims to change the typical thought of the sacrifices and pain exams bring to a student’s life. The app connects user with a trainee who will guide students through the entire academic problem on weekly basis. The communication can happen in form of chats or via phone calls. The app is for students who wish to prepare for competitive exams for engineering like IIT-JEE.

Khan Academy

  • Khan academy offers free access to the study material withwell-organized interface it is also easy to understand. Khan academy has also created many courses from around the web, with offers impressive depth on many different subjects. Among the most well-known educational sites, Khan Academy has also made a strong spot.
  • They also have theirYouTube channel as khan academy.

Lesson Path

  • LessonPaths is another great website for who are looking for a more useful and convenient way to access learning material at various levels for free. On this site, one ha to create link playlists of their favorite learning materials from any sites. Users can then bifurcate these collections that make it easy to study. User can access to multimedia content also

We hope they can help you to score and grow in your life…

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