What if Donald Trump decides to send back Indians?

The intellectual capacity of Indians and the spine it offers to the economy is unquestionable. The biggest and boldest corporations employ Indians to uphold and build their capacity. Microsoft, Pepsi, Motels and Hotels, Hospitality, The Health Services and Education Services are saturated with Indians. They are present at all levels. Imagine pulling out the spine and sending them back. Now, let’s talk about the impact if Donald Trump decides to send back Indians.

While the impact on US will be disastrous, impact on India will be not be good either.  

Job scarcity:

Indians who will come back from USA would replace the locally employed Indians creating unemployment in the short run. More supply of talented pool would reduce the value of talented people.

Increase Money Supply:

Indians will bring their saved money from USA which will result in increased flow of money in the market. This will have a positive impact on Indian economy. However, US economy will face high outflow of money which will make their economy weak.


USA has certainly not employed Indians or the people of any other nationalities for the sake of these countries. The greatest beneficiary in the process is USA itself. But for these immigrants, USA would not have been what it is today. Such a move would make USA less competitive and the business would shift to other countries which would provide the businessmen flexibility to employ best people. USA would face brain drain and lose its ability to innovate and create big enterprises in future. However, if the best brains of India come back, they would invest their money and knowledge in India that may be good for Indian economy.

Skill set:

Any Indian immigrant who settled in the US is an entrepreneur at heart. The contacts and skills he/she has learned at US expense will flow back into India. Imagine the industries that will be benefitted and the jobs it will create? Indians back at home will compete fiercely for this global market with now added capital resources and in-depth knowledge of the US market.

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