Know what District Police have to say to UPSC aspirants

UPSC prelims are near and all the UPSC aspirants must have been into serious preparations. While starting with the IAS preparation it was known what you were in for. You knew it was going to be tough and it would require utmost dedication on your part to make it through till the end. Despite of this, you jumped in and decided to enrol for the UPSC exam because you wanted to achieve something in life. To fulfill your grand dream of joining the elite civil services of our country, district police conducted an awareness camp for the aspirants to enlighten your preparations.

The Collector Gourav Uppal quoted “candidates preparing for the UPSC exams should gain knowledge in societal matters in addition to achieving analytical skills in the optional subjects.” Further, he pointed out that UPSC would release notifications to fill up 1,000 jobs including IAS, IPS, IFS and IRS.

Superintendent of Police N Prakash Reddy encouraged the UPSC aspirants to study for 12 to 13 hours a day. They should also become familiar with the syllabi of the subjects that would help them prepare for the competitive examination. Reddy said, “First of all, candidates preparing for UPSC should develop an attitude for service.”

People from underprivileged and challenging background have been cracking the toughest exam – UPSC CSE. Working in the civil services is a rewarding, valuable career choice. Keep telling yourself that you have studied your best and in this limited time you need to revise them well so that you can recall stuff in the exam hall at the time of need. With the right preparation and frame of mind, you can also ace the civil services exams.

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