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Nowadays we often hear people telling us “Just live your dreams” , “Follow your passion” , “It’s never too late” or their “expert advises”. But no one actually guides us, in case we haven’t found our passion yet. Most people misinterpret the true meaning of passion with goals. Passion is purely based on powerful feeling of enthusiasm we all have inside us, while goals are the end result.

Goal should not be a dream but your checklist of life. Once you know what you exactly want and be confident to follow your true passion, you will surely become unstoppable in achieving great heights.

However, the struggle most of us are facing today is not knowing what that enthusiasm is! As a consequence, you easily end up switching from career to career only to become exhausted and hopeless, feeling stuck in someone else’s dream. That is why it is best to search for something you are passionate about.

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Educolada will give you some strong reasons on how to discover your passion:

Explore yourself:

It is very important for you to first realize the options you already have and what you are missing out on. Yes, it is obvious that things you need to achieve will not happen in a day’s time but you must allow some time for trial and error before you begin. Dedicate all of your attention to that one goal and you won’t be far from achieving that feeling of enthusiasm you have been longing for.

Trust your instincts:

You must follow your curiosity. Working on something that does not inspire and motivate you can really make you disheartened. When you really enjoy what you do, nothing will stop you from getting your work done. If you are passionate about what you do, you feel unbeatable and nothing can obstruct you from finding your true passion.

Stop running after money:

When people choose their careers, they are sometimes blinded by money and in the end they choose to follow the paper trail. Today, the value of money is directly linked to the pursuit of happiness. But it is important to understand that no matter how much money you make, nothing will help you overcome the feeling of doing something that you do not enjoy. Eventually, it will get worse for you and will cause stress and dissatisfaction.

Recognize your capability:

Sometimes it is difficult to decide what our passion is, because we have more than one. One must try and focus only on things that match your capabilities as it will have a greater impact. Therefore, it is important to limit the scope according to your capability. All you need to do is, give a little push to your talent to achieve something you are really passionate about.

Recall and Revisit your childhood:

We have all had a dream to become something in our childhood. Those are the memories you need to recall. That’s where lies the long forgotten passion. A kid doesn’t understand the meaning of materialism, his choices are unbiased for money, fame or peer pressure.

Battle the voices in your head:

There are so many people who face constant battle with the voices in their heads. They are not sure of what they are doing is truly living their passion and fulfilling their dreams. Some are even not aware of how unhappy and unfulfilled they are. While some don’t have the courage to chase their dream and waste their entire life working  towards finding their passion. There is no denial that one has to encounter struggle along the way but that will make you reach/lead you on the road of self-discovery.

Time is our most valuable asset and it is something we should spend wisely. Therefore, it is best we search for something we are passionate about to be fulfilled when it finally happens.

We hope this piece of advice can drive you to your ultimate destination.

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