Clearing Civil services Examination is not tough! Here is why!

‘Preparation in right earnest is the key to clearing Civil Services Examination’

Board exams are the toughest of all – will say few! The real game play is in June at the time of civil service exam – will say many. Aspirants fear that cracking the IAS exam is a tough task and one has to slog almost 18-20 hours each day to clear it. Lots of myths are associated with the exam which dishearten students and they unnecessarily flip out and doubt their abilities.  It is true that cracking civil services is quite hard, but definitely it is not impossible. A lot of factors like the unending UPSC syllabus, stiff competition, the minor pass percentage and of course the high stakes involved – all contribute to this ‘hard nut’ image that the IAS exam has gained. But in actuality, it is not so. All it requires is right guidance,right study material, time management,dedication, smart work and knowledge of current events, along with a confident smart personality with leadership qualities.

The UPSC does not follow a precise pattern with regard to the number of questions based on specific areas and subjects; candidates should give equal attention to all topics . A successful CSAT candidate is usually well-read and knowledgeable, a sustained effort is essential to develop those traits.

Educolada is sharing what you actually need to crack this seemingly tough IAS nut:

Right Armory:
Many things in life start with a goal for success and end with reaping the rewards of that success! Getting the right armory is the icing on the cake. This includes the right study material, mock exams for you to practice, previous years’ question papers, etc.

Getting the right atmosphere:
Having the right place to study is as important as having good study skills. Your study environment can be a big factor in how successfully you’ll learn and retain information.  You must have a peaceful environment at the place you study as this will surround you with positive vibes.

Having Right attitude:
Achieving goals faster is all about better planning and timely execution. You can reach your target only when you can plan for the road ahead properly and work towards it diligently. Disappointments and failures midway are expected and when you allow failure and negative feelings to overpower you; you cannot think or plan clearly. The right attitude is to have self- belief and confidence in your abilities and there you go!!

Right Guidance:
Anyone can study on their own but you need right guidance to know certain tricks like relating what you read as current affairs material to the IAS syllabus, knowing how the UPSC will ask questions and so on. You must also understand what to read from the newspapers and magazines.

Civil services examination is not a nightmare. All you require is the above mentioned prerequisites. Confidence and hard work is the best medicine to kill the disease called failure. It will make you a successful person.

All the best! 🙂

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