Is Class 11th Important From Your Point Of View?

We often misinterpret the importance of class 11th in high school. Students tend to make the mistake of taking it lightly and enjoy the “phase” before appearing for the final stage of school life. Along with class 12th, great importance should be given to class 11th because the marks that you score may not get counted anywhere, but the syllabus covered is valuable and one must never ignore it.  

Whichever stream you choose, whole new subjects and concepts are introduced to you. Now you are to engulf more in-depth knowledge of all these particular subjects. You will have to face new and diverse topics of greater difficulty. The basic problem with students while entering class 11th is that they are so overwhelmed by their previous achievements. As you leave class 10th, you should definitely celebrate and be happy of your performance but do wake up in time and work hard so that celebration continues lifelong.

Class 11th & 12th are the most crucial classes of school life which would decide your career and future. Most of the competitive exams like JEE, BITSAT, AIPMT and others do have a large proportion of the syllabus based on class 11. Also several chapters are linked with chapters of class 12. To name a few: Calculus, Geometry, Derivations in Physics, and almost everything in Chemistry will be repeated indirectly. Whether you are a Maths student or Bio student or Commerce student, the things which you study in class 11 will be very crucial.

It’s very important to be attentive and study smart in 11th standard because it is the base for all concepts which will form base for your further studies! Think of a situation when you cannot get through the probability chapter in mathematics (class 12) until and unless you have a great knowledge and grip over the chapters like permutation-combination and binomial theorem of class 11.

However, our education system emphasizes more on Standard 10th and 12th because they are used as parameters for admissions. But have you ever given a thought why class 11th lies between the two? Educolada has the answer for you.

“You master the understanding of time management and attain the zeal to study smart when you leave class 10th and when you enter class 12th, you are already familiar with the concepts that act as a motivating factor to face the future challenge.”

This is the class where you still can decide what you aspire to be! Educolada believes it’s important to study well so that you get the concepts right and know your ambition!

2 thoughts on “Is Class 11th Important From Your Point Of View?

  • 24th June 2017 at 3:10 pm

    class 11 is important for student, in Indian education system students choose their subject and then study on it
    they can change their subject if they are not compatible with it. but they cant change it in 12th class. they have to change it in 11th only. so 11th class is important to cultivate their skill and interest.

    • 28th June 2017 at 4:55 pm

      Thank you for sharing your feedback.


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