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CBSE class 12

I am sharing my 12th exam experience of a particular subject and i.e. MATHS. We (My 5 friends and I) use to go to maths tuition taken by one of the high school professor (Pillai Sir). He teaches very well and encourages everyone to break the previous highest marks record of his tuition (i.e. 98 marks). He used to write number of days left for the exam before every class. He is like, 35 days left for those who study 24 hours, now u can calculate how many days left for u guys. Everyone is expecting that Ashish (one who can tell u the proper solution of any maths question if he knows the answer, that’s one of the reasons he did very well in MCQtype-competitive exams) can easily break this record.

In CBSE, paper comes in 3 sets A,B and C. At the day of our maths exam I got set B, I have completed each and every question of my paper except one integration problem of 6 marks (I don’t know why but I was not able to get the answer for that particular question). It was our usual habit that we use to discuss the answers just after the exam. I don’t know somehow while discussing the answers, my question paper was exchanged with ‘C’ set. For different sets, CBSE do not change every question but they change 10 % of the questions as well as its sequence. After I went home I again checked the question paper and I realized that few question are not known to me. I thought due to my over confidence I have overlooked 2-3 questions (some of 6 marks). I was completely depressed and told Pillai sir that I won’t be able to score good as I have missed some of the questions.

After someday I got information from Pillai Sir that they had one meeting in “Ajmer” regarding one question (same question which I am not able to solve) of set-B. The question was completely wrong and CBSE will give full marks for the question those who have attempted it. I was happy that at least now I can score above 80.

At the day of results:-

We all six (from Pillai Sir’s tution) went to a cyber café to see our results. First Ashish saw his result he scored 94 in maths. I was happy for Ashish but at the same time I was disappointed that I could have scored the same or more marks if I would have not been so over confident. Now, it was my turn and wohhhhhhhhhhhhhh………

99 marks in maths 🙂

Ashish was like, dude u missed 2-3 questions how u can get this much marks. I was also confused how I can get 99. First thing I did after reaching home was, I looked the question paper and I was like f*** that’s SET-C not SET-B…

I don’t know whose question paper was that. I felt like celebrity for few days in the colony and tuition that I had broken the tuition highest mark record.

But soon AIEEE results were announced and everything came back to the same track. Again I am below average student. I secured 1 lakh+ rank. Whenever anyone asks my AIEEE result I use to say “beta hum to lakhoon me khelte hain” :P.

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