How To Analyze CAT Mock tests ?

We have finally reached that time of the year when a serious CAT Aspirant is all set to appear for CAT Mock Tests. Mock tests offer right practice, identifies your mistakes and helps to overcome them by correct analysis. But before starting to take the tests, do you have a plan?

Just taking various mock tests won’t help you in CAT preparations unless you devote some time to analyze your performance and avoid repeating the similar mistakes in future mocks. CAT Mock Tests tell your current situation and highlights the area you need to work on ..

Taking the mock test without analyzing the paper and identifying the corrective measures for the desired output is just a waste of time.!

Now let us talk about the steps that need to be followed for the analysis of CAT Mock Tests:

1) Check Your Scores

The basic step is to check the scores after you have taken the test. This is important as some students simply fail to look into their scores which in turn results into wrong analysis or interpretation. Do not keep it pending because if you do so, you will not be able to improve on mock basis.

2)  Accuracy is the key

Once you have the scores along with the solutions in hand, check for the accuracy. Keep it on your priority list. Working on your accuracy primarily consists of small fine tuning to your current preparation. Your aim should be to score 45-55% score in every CAT Mock Test. In case you are not able to score this much as of now, then ensure progressing towards this percentage by giving more and more tests.

3) Prepare a Cheat sheet

From all the things you learnt from the exam, prepare a cheat sheet for yourself that involves mathematics shortcuts, newly discovered grammar and usage rules, Data interpretation tips and techniques and lately learnt words.

4) Strategy for Verbal Ability

Put it an extra effort to identify the different passage sources and read further from these. While attempting sentence completion and vocabulary questions, find out the meaning of all the words in the choices and revise the difficult ones every week.

5) Revision

The most important part of analyzing the mock tests is revision. Most students take these tests everyday and practice a lot but they do not revise the important questions and therefore are unable to work fast and commit errors in the paper. Revision is the key to accuracy, time management and fast speed.

All The Best CAT Aspirants.. 

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