Career Options After Class 12

Stepping on the last rung of your school life you need to realize, there is a lot more to it. You are about to enter another galaxy and share space with people of various backgrounds. Spectrum of career options after class 12 is not parochial unless you don’t explore. You might be succumbed into the fallacy of engineering or MBBS but only deep inside you know that you are your own jurist. Selecting the right career option in class 12 is a monumental step.

Educolada, will help you to choose the right career options after class 12th in this write up.

You need to introspect to understand your interest better and know what you want from life. One can have an aesthetic personality while others want a uniform job. Some of such mixed career options are to explore are mentioned below:


You should try various branches in engineering which are not very common like Aeronautical Engineer, Agricultural Engineer, Audio Recording Engineers, Marine Engineer. The number of B-tech Graduates in India is equivalent to the population of a small European country. Do not be a part of the rat race, try a unique field.

Advertising Executive

Advertising involves the process where a message is framed to promote a product, a thought, an idea or even a service. The advertising industry has three major sectors: Organization, Media and the ad-agency which creates the ad to match the demands of the firm keeping the target audience in mind. Nevertheless, the process of creating an ad remains the same. If you are a creative mind, this is the field for you.

Supply Chain Manager

Supply Chain Manager keeps the flow of goods and services in motion. Managing the movement and storage of raw materials and inventories is prime responsibility of a supply chain manager. Supply chains are made up of different operations such as forecasting trends, buying, transportation and distribution. If you have the ability to direct, motivate and lead then this is the perfect fit in solution for you.


Brewers are specialists in the production and distribution of beer. They create different blends of drink with the use of malt, yeast, water with hops , fruits, wheat, rice and corn. In small breweries, they may also be responsible for every step from fermenting and production of the beer, bottling, taste testing, and even distributing the product.

Food Technologist

Food Technologists is a new career option which is engaged with the bio-chemical and physical composition of all eatables which is used for processing. This profession deals with the preservation of fruits, meats, vegetables, dairy products etc. Food technologist is involved in developing the manufacturing processes and recipes of food and drink products. You may work on existing and newly-discovered ingredients to invent new recipes and concepts.

Interaction Designer

Interaction Designers design and develop interactive digital products, systems, environments and services. With the extensive use of computers and rapid developments in communication technology, endless options exist in how a person can work on control and use the computer and how the computer can communicate with the user. Interaction designers outline ways in which a person can interact with a computer, mobile device, household appliances or even a mainframe server making powerful use of graphic displays, video and audio designs. If you are a tech savvy then this is your dream job.

Special Educator

Children with special educational needs are taught by special educators. The needs of such children  may be affected by mental handicap, learning disability, physical impairment, and visual and hearing disability etc. Special educators train and educate them to integrate them in mainstream schools.A person with a social bend towards kids can see a bright future in this.

Umpires and Referees

Umpires and Referees preside over competitive athletics, games and sporting events. They observe closely the game, detect and declare infractions by the players. According to the rules of the game they decide and give penalties. If you have thirst for sports with a hawks eyes, this is just the right profession for you

Cyber Lawyer

Daily schedule of a cyber lawyer completely vary depending on the kind of work and case they are involved in at that time. Cyber lawyer would need to work on legalities pertaining to the electronic format and client’s issues.


Journalism is the business of giving news. Journalists work for newspapers, magazines, regional dailies, the electronic medium, websites and for government & public sector publications. The print medium holds an important role in our lives, providing the latest news and acting as a forum for addressing public issues and grievances.

So now you need to decide which career options suits you the best!


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