Some Brain Facts You Never Heard Before!

“Brain Facts that will make you wonder why you never heard them before!”

We all have heard enough about the Human Brain which is an incredible body organ that keeps you running all day long. Human Brain is way more amazing than you could ever imagined. Still there are some less known Brain Facts that will just blow your mind.

Brain Fact 1:  Developing Brain – Size at Birth

Brain Facts

Brain development begins the amazing journey that leads to a well-developed brain at birth that continues to grow for 18 more years.

Brain Fact 2: Memory Stored In Brain

Brain Facts

Memory is stored in Brain as Circuit of Neurons. Brain Connections last as long as the memories are stored. When the connections – called synapses – between neurons break, the memories they hold are thought to evaporate along with them.

Brain Fact 3:  New Neurons

Brain Facts

Humans Brain has 100 Billion neurons and continues to make new neurons throughout life in response to mental activity.

Brain Fact 4: Music

Brain Facts

Music gives an insight into the complexity of the mind. It activates multiple Brain networks during listening to music, responding and performance.

Brain Fact 5: Tickles

Brain Facts

The reason you can’t tickle yourself is because your brain warns you and ignores the sensation.

Brain Fact 6: Brain Death

Brain Facts

The brain can live for 4 to 6 minutes without oxygen, and then it begins to die. No oxygen for 5 to 10 minutes will result in permanent brain damage.

 Brain Fact 7: Brain And Energy

Brain Facts

The energy consumed by the brain which is approximately 25 watts is sufficient enough to illuminate a light bulb.

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