Why Is It Necessary To Avoid These Mistakes In GMAT ?

GMAT is considered as a common gateway to pass through in achieving an MBA degree. However, preparing for the exam is a tricky task.  Right and clear approach is essential for this day along with your knowledge and skills.

Much of your GMAT preparation will focus on learning more content, memorizing new rules, getting comfortable with the syllabus and format; eventually getting more questions right. But have you ever given it a thought that rather than only focusing on the concept of “more”, one should also put emphasis on “few” mistakes.

It often happens that while attempting the test, you tend to make silly mistakes on problems that you had practiced earlier which affect your overall score. Particularly under timed pressure, in a high-stress environment we’re all liable of making mistakes.

Therefore, it is a necessity to avoid making these mistakes in GMAT:

Following the footsteps of others:

Everyone has a different method of studying. Some people can complete a particular topic within few hours which may take days for others. It is important to understand that people have their own defined strategy and the way of preparing notes.  The mistake they often do is, focus on the time someone devoted to study or asking someone for notes. Nothing else will help you as much as your own studying strategy.

Level of Confidence:

Over-confidence or under-confidence, both lead to devastating GMAT Score. Every aspirant has his own strengths and weaknesses. Some areas of the syllabus may come easily to you, and you may face no problem getting through with them correctly and quickly. Other areas may confuse you a bit and take up time.  A lot of people leave their preparations mid-way due to lack of confidence. That will do nothing good to you. So, it’s better that if you are boarding a ship, you sail it till the end. Also, be confident. Don’t let your past results affect your current preparation.

Improper management of time:

Time is indeed crucial in GMAT. Poor time management means not finishing every question on the test, which can pull your score down. One of the prime reason that affect GMAT score is that test takers do not keep a track of time and attempt the questions slowly. They get stuck on a particular question, hence lose the allotted time.

No doubt that time management has become a lot more challenging. It is obvious that you cannot keep checking the clock after every problem. What you can do is develop a time sense, specifically a 1-minute time sense.

Taking Math for granted:

Math will make a huge difference in your scores. A good deal of success in math is simply about careful detail management. Most aspirants tend to take it for granted and in turn make mistakes. Division by numerator, dropping the negative sign, Distribution of fraction, root and square are some of the basic work that need to be taken care of.

Not reading the questions properly:

Most of the aspirants make this silly mistake of reading the question too quickly or misreading it. It is important to read the question twice and not more than that. After the second reading, you’ll be only killing time trying to understand it. Once you have completed the problem, re-read the question to make sure you are answering what the question is asking for.

Now that you are aware of these common mistakes during GMAT, Make sure that the words you wanted to master and the time you want to prepare would be achievable.    

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