Albert Einstein Facts That You Did Not Know

Glimpse into Albert Einstein Facts which were never revealed before —

  1. He never failed at mathematics. This is a popular “fact” promoted on the internet, maybe in an attempt to relate to a genius. However, it is simply not true. Overall, Einstein was an average student, but math was one area where he excelled, unsurprisingly.Albert Einstein Facts
  2. As a child, he was a very slow learner and a soft speaker.Albert Einstein Facts
  3. He was a great musician. If the whole “genius” thing did not work out, Einstein could have become a violinist. His mother played piano so he had the love of music instilled in him—via violin lessons—at the young age of five.
    Albert Einstein Facts
  4. His great breakthroughs came from visualization of experiments performed in his head rather than the lab.Albert Einstein Facts
  5. Einstein had an illegitimate daughter, who was born in 1902.Albert Einstein Facts
  6. He could have been the President of Israel. When Israel’s first president, Chaim Weizmann, died, Einstein was offered the position, but he declined.Albert Einstein Facts
  7. Yoda, from star wars was modeled after the appearance of Albert Einstein.Albert Einstein Facts
  8. He had no car of his own, also he never learned how to drive .Albert Einstein Facts
  9. He loved to sail. Ever since university, Einstein sailed as a hobby. He never particularly made a good sailor. In fact, he did not even know how to swim.Albert Einstein Facts
  10. He won the 1921 Nobel Prize for Physics. This alone isn’t particularly surprising. What is surprising is the fact that he did not receive it for the general or special theory of relativity, but rather for the photoelectric effect.Albert Einstein Facts
  11. His Nobel Prize Money went to his ex-wife as a Divorce Settlement.Albert Einstein Facts
  12. He really did not like socks, and usually did not wear them. In fact, in a letter to Elsa, he bragged about getting away “without wearing socks” while at Oxford.Albert Einstein Facts
  13. He failed his university examinations and had to reapply a year later.Albert Einstein Facts
  14. He had bad memory. He couldn’t remember names, dates or phone numbers.Albert Einstein Facts
  15. His brain was stolen. After Einstein died, the pathologist who did his autopsy took his brain without permission. He eventually got the permission necessary from Einstein’s son, but he was fired from Princeton when he refused to return the brain over. He kept it for over forty years before finally returning it in 1998.Albert Einstein Facts
  16. Austrian physicist Friedrich Hasenohrl published the equation E=MC2 a year before Einstein did.Albert Einstein Facts
  17. His eyes still remain in a safe box at NYC.Albert Einstein Facts
  18. Hours before his death, he was still attempting to prove his Theory of Everything.Albert Einstein Facts
  19. He denounced segregation, calling it a “Disease of white people” and worked against racism in America.Albert Einstein Facts

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