Ace Up With These Study Nudges


Are you tired of banging your head on the study table, spending hours and yet not able to produce something useful? There are times when you need an external poke to motivate yourself to study so as to keep going for something better. Sometimes a little push is all you need to make wonders happen.

1: Prepare Your Study Place:


Your environment can be a big factor in how effectively you learn, retain and apply to your tasks. Having the right place to study is as important as having good study skills. Avoid places where your mind is likely to divert to other things but studies. Make sure you have all the supplementary like pen, pencil and relevant books that you might need to avoid interruption in your study time.

2: Switch Off The Cellphone:


Believe it or not you always end up taking calls or texts from friends when you’re trying to study. Tell your friends in advance when you need time to study. Better just place it on silent or switch off mode and keep it at a distant corner so that you do not get tempted to take a sneak peek.

3: Just Get Started:


Sometimes, the hardest part is to initiate a task to be done. All you need to do is break the ice and flow gets you along the pace.  Avoid procrastination and start doing it right now. If you have fearsome targets, set smaller goals. Remember that it is always better to do a little than to do nothing at all.

4: Pin Your Goals:

Write down topics or tasks needed to be done within a span of time. Pin it up and keep ticking each one of them once you complete doing it. This will give you a sense of achievement and further boost your confidence. It acts as a cattle prod for you which will keep you going with the flow.

5: Don’t Leave Questions Unanswered:

It can be demotivating when you don’t know the answer to something. Mark about anything you are not sure of as these are gaps in your knowledge which need to be plugged. Discuss with your Teachers about any niggling doubts you have. It is quite motivating to know you’ve got everything covered than to hope that everything will just ‘come right’ in the end.

6: Gratification:

Keep reminding yourself how badly you want to succeed. Reward yourself on completing smaller laps. Nothing is more valuable than self realizing the importance of time that you might be wasting.


Push yourself , because nobody else is going to do it for you! Share it with your friends and Nudge them to get along with their studies.     


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