Delhi- You Take My Breath Away!

On Sunday, 30th October 2016 Diwali was celebrated across India with lamps, candles, feasting and fireworks. Million of Indians lit firecrackers to mark the festival which in turn hit the dangerous levels of high air pollution in the Capital city – New Delhi.

Day after Diwali festivities, the city was covered in a thick blanket of smog leading to poor visibility conditions across New Delhi. Air quality experts say that this combination of smoke and fog consists of a toxic mix of pollutants in which the tiny particles, called PM2.5 were suspended into the air which can easily travel into the lungs and get stuck there, posing a serious health risk. The smog was not only limiting visibility but also causing suffocation and irritation in eyes. It’s time we ask this question “Diwali – A Festival of Lights or An Alarming bell?”


Let us see what the Delhites have to say about it:


Some People are facing serious health issues after Diwali 2016.


Some blame it on the government.


While this tweet is sarcastic enough to define the current situation of Delhi.


Others are looking for options to survive.

So “Whom to blame”? Like always — The government? Or The System? Or You?
Think About It!
It’s Time Not to Just Change But To Be The Change!

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