12 Undisclosed Facts About Republic Day

India is a great country famous for a saying “Unity in Diversity” where people of more than one religions living together with Peace, harmony and brotherhood. The heart of Every Indian fills with pride when we see the National Flag unfurling on Republic Day. Here we have provided some facts about Indian Republic Day that every citizen must know: 
  1. The Constitution of India is the longest written Constitution all over the world  (which cannot be read in a single day) and took around 2 years, 11 months and 18 days to be completed.
  2. The Constitution of India has incorporated “448 Articles in 22 Parts, 12 Schedules and 97 Amendments”.
  3. Two copies of the Indian Constitution were hand-written, one in English and one in Hindi.
  4. Both hand-written copies of the Indian Constitution were signed on 24th of January in 1950 by around 308 members of the Assembly.      
  5. Copy of Both of these Indian Constitution are kept safely in the helium-filled cases at the Library of Parliament House.
  6. Jana Gana Mana (National Anthem) was first translated into Hindi language by the Abid Ali in 1911 which was later officially adopted as National Anthem of India in 1950 on 24th of January.
  7. The Republic Day Celebration lasts for 3 days and ends with a ‘Beating Retreat’ on 29th January held at Vijay Chowk with the bands of Indian Army, Indian Air Force and Indian Navy performing. ·          
  8. A Christian song, Abide With Me, is played at the Republic Day Parade. It is believed to be one of Mahatma Gandhi’s favourite songs.
  9. The Indian flag, by law, is made of khadi and can be only made in nine specified sizes.
  10. Flying an Indian flag made from any material other than khadi is punishable by law with upto three years of imprisonment and a hefty fine.
  11. The Indian flag should never touch the ground or water, or ever be used as drapery.
  12. A 21 gun salute is fired as the President of India unfurls the tricolour, as a naval and military mark of honour.
For most of us it makes a perfect holiday and not many of us contribute to the national cause on this particular day. Let’s pledge to always strive to be worthy of our Indian heritage and respect everyone with courtesy. 


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