10 facts you learned in school, that are false!

Students are like raw mud and teachers are like potter. A potter can mold the mud in whatever way he likes. At school, students are taught several things which they blindly believe. No one is at fault, it is our education system that don’t allow to think out of the way.

Here are 10 facts you learned in school but the reality is not the same:

  1. We only use 10% of our brain :

    facts you learned in school

    The better articulation is that we typically utilize just around 10% of our brain at once. Distinctive exercises trigger diverse parts of the brain. For instance, taking care of a scientific issue utilizes different brain power than viewing a film or cooking supper. Through the span of a day, the vast majority utilize all parts of their brain.

  2. Great wall of China is seen from the space:

    facts you learned in school
    Great wall of China is the longest man made object on the Earth and it is often said that it can be seen from the space. But, both NASA and China’s first astronaut have said this is not possible. The Great Wall is narrow and irregular, measuring about 10m wide on average and can be hard to distinguish from the surrounding environment. Seeing it from the Moon would be equivalent to seeing a single hair from 2,688m away.

  3. Red, Yellow and Blue are the primary colors:

    facts you learned in school
    The primary colors are really Red, Green and Blue (RGB). Particularly, the essential shades of light are RGB and the essential shades of color are Cyan, Magenta and Yellow (CMY).
    Dissimilar to RGB and CMY, red, yellow and blue can’t replicate each shading in the visible spectrum – RYB has a significant bias towards browner colors!

  4. Water is blue because it reflects the sky :

    facts you learned in school
    Water looks blue because pure water is a blue chemical. The blue color is caused by the molecular structure as well as selective absorption and scattering of the light spectrum. Impurities and other elements such as algae or plankton can create variations in the color. Water appears clear in a cup or in a shallow pond because it’s only slightly blue and there isn’t much water volume.

  5. The blood inside your body is blue, and that’s because it’s de-oxygenated:

    facts you learned in school
    Blood is always red, even inside your veins. Our subcutaneous fat absorbs low frequencies in light, leaving only the highly energetic blue light to pass through the skin.

  6. Diamonds are made from coal:

    facts you learned in school
    It is nice to think that the most beautiful thing would come from coal, but diamonds are actually formed in vertical shafts full of rocks, formed by volcanoes.
    Coal is found on the surface of the Earth while diamonds are found in the Earth’s mantle and eventually carried by the volcanic eruptions.

  7. An Apple fell on Newton’s head and he discovered gravity:

    facts you learned in school
    No doubt that Newton devise his theory of gravity after watching an apple fall from a tree. However, the idea that it actually fell on his head is a myth.

  8. Humans evolved from chimpanzees :

    facts you learned in school
    It is true that Humans share common ancestor with chimpanzees, the two species are actually formed from two separate lineages. We are in same taxonomic family and share a common ancestor, but anyone who says humans “evolved from monkeys” is wrong.

  9. Different tastes are detected on different parts of tongue.

    facts you learned in school
    The entire surface of the tongue equally detects different tastes, whether it’s sweet, salt, bitter or sour. It is actually protein on the tongue that detects the taste of something sour.

  10. Greenhouse Effect is the cause of global warming:

    facts you learned in school
    The greenhouse effect is the process by which the infrared radiation from the Sun, reflected back from the surface of the Earth, is absorbed by greenhouse gases such as water, CO2 or ozone. These gases trap the heat and regulate the climate and are essential for our survival.
    Anthropogenic Global Warming is caused by human activity, creating more greenhouse gases than necessary. Ultimately, more gases means more infrared absorption, which gradually increases Earth’s temperature beyond ‘normal.’

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